The Appeal of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery
Living in a world focused on appearance, women seek the perfect look. Imperfections can be improved giving the desired look with cosmetic surgery. Two procedures known as a mini face lift and inverted nipple correction are not as well known as some.

A mini face lift is a procedure utilizing smaller incisions and a shorter recovery period than the typical standard face lift. The shortened recovery has labelled this cosmetic surgery as a “weekend face lift.” Appealing to all age groups, the mini face lift is quite attractive to the more youthful crowd with its subtle results that provide a more natural look. When the mini face lift is an option selected early on in an individual’s life, it can diminish the visible signs of aging. A small incision is made to enable skin to be lifted into a new position. The mini face lift is popular because of its ability to zoom in on trouble spots and pinpoint one specific imperfection.

anaesthesiaInverted nipple surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to reverse the appearance of the nipple. An inverted nipple is one that turns inward and often appears flat. Inverted nipples can be a product of breastfeeding if milk ducts become constricted. This can also be a congenial condition plaguing an individual since birth. Nipple surgery can help both cases. During the procedure, local anaesthesia is generally used with the surgeon making a small incision at the areola. Any time an incision is made at this site, future breastfeeding may no longer be a possibility. The typical cost for inverted nipple surgery ranges from $1,000 to $6,000. The average cost falls somewhere in the bottom half of that range being $2,500. The imperfection known as the inverted nipple affects approximately 2 percent of American women, many of whom might not realize the options available since it is a infrequent topic of discussion.