The Best Cosmetic Surgery Hospitals Outside London

cosmetic-3Every year, thousands of people in the UK undergo cosmetic surgery to correct and enhance their appearance through medical and surgical techniques. Although London is the heart of the UK with world-class hospitals and clinics providing top notch facilities, you needn’t always go to London to have your surgery done. There are clinics and hospitals in your own cities offering superior treatment facilities utilising modern techniques and equipment.

Some of the best cosmetic surgery hospitals outside London are:

Perfect Image Consultants, Middlesex

The clinic, located in Ruislip, Middlesex performs minor surgical procedures, aesthetic medicine and cosmetic procedures. Major cosmetic procedures include augmentation and reshaping of various face parts, face lifts, breast augmentation, reconstruction and reshaping of breasts, surgical procedures for weight loss, tummy tucks and reduction of male breast. Minor surgeries include procedures for treating wrinkles and lines, chemical peels, dermal filler injections, skin tightening, non-surgical weight loss and fat removal. The clinic also offers aesthetic services like blemish removal, laser beauty treatments and skin enhancing procedures using radio frequency.

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The Harley Medical Group in Chelmsford

Since 1983, the Harley Medical Group has been offering outstanding cosmetic surgical and non-surgical treatments, and has successfully treated more than 500, 000 patients in their clinics. They specialise in liposuction, breast surgery, reshaping of nose and ear, tummy tucks, face lift, neck lift, eyebag removal, treatment of wrinkles and lines, laser hair removal, dermal fillers, treatment of acne, skin peels and medical microdermabrasion. The hospitals have professional doctors and nurses specialised in Cosmetic surgery techniques and proficient surgeons. The clinic also offers free consultation for the first visit.

Linia Cosmetic Surgery in Peterborough

With a patient centred approach, a group of doctors founded Linia about 12 years ago in Peterborough and has since emerged as a prominent cosmetic surgery hospital in the United Kingdom. Surgeons at Linia are experts in performing all cosmetic techniques, especially cosmetic surgeries of breast including uplift, augmentation and reshaping. Facial rejuvenation experts at Linia specialise in all types of facelifts, from ‘one-stitch’ methods and minimal access techniques to full facelifts. The clinic is also known to provide lifetime follow-up appointments, after care and check-ups.

North West Independent Hospital

If you’re looking for best hospitals for cosmetic surgery, NWIH can be a good choice. It is one of the leading cosmetic surgery and injectable non-surgical aesthetic service providers in Belfast and also in Northern Ireland. The cosmetic centre specialises in treatment of wrinkles and lines, Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm smile. Surgeons at this private hospital are experts in treating scars, facial trauma, reconstructive surgery and deformities. Go to for more cosmetic / plastic surgery  information.