The Rise Of Dentists Within Our High Street Pharmacies

Dental-clinicA trial of six dental clinics within Boots stores and pharmacies was first announced by the BBC about four years ago. Since then, we have seen a rise in dental practices present in Boots stores. Now we may combine a visit to a Boots store to pick up an electric toothbrush, or a Boots pharmacy to collect a prescription, with treatment by a dentist Manchester.

Boots initiated this trial of chain dental clinics as part of Boots’ expansion into the corporate dentistry market, acquiring a Dental Body Corporate. The move is an extension of Boots’ healthcare services to make dental care more accessible to the general public. Initially, the two year trial starting in 1999 aimed to gain an understanding of public preferences for NHS and private healthcare services.


The rise of dentists in high street pharmacies coincides with new GP surgery setups within Boots pharmacies too. This means that the general public may access dentistry care along with medical, opticians and hearing in city centre pharmacies six days out of seven a week, giving more choice in treatment time.

People within Manchester local communities benefit from streamlined services where dental care is linked to prescribing and medical care providing easier access for choices in healthcare. NHS Manchester back the move which is also supported by the private care sector.

Having a central location of healthcare services where patients may receive a choice of holistic care means that they are more likely to attend check-ups and treatments for prevention of disease. Increasingly, studies show the link between oral disease and general health. By having central and accessible dental practice locations, the public may receive early intervention for oral health conditions before they worsen.

By offering healthcare services that include dentistry within high street pharmacies, it is envisaged that waiting times should be reduced so that individuals receive timely care. For those seeking private or cosmetic dental treatments not available on the NHS, Boots offer Private Dental Plans for affordable dentistry care. These plans provide coverage for meeting different levels of dentistry and cosmetic dentistry treatment.