Tips on looking good and staying healthy

beautyThe beauty one possesses can be very important in personal relationships. Being a young woman looking for a mate, I realize that the way I look can either help or hurt me. Not to say I want to be with someone who is only with me for my appearance, but I do want to look good for the one I love. From caring for my body to stay healthy, to touching up my hair and face to look beautiful; I take pride in my appearance.

My daily routine includes a healthy breakfast, followed by snacks and meals throughout the day, an hour or two of exercise to tone my body, and tedious applications of creams, lotions and makeup to care for my skin. I take other periodic steps toward my beautification; either weekly or monthly.

Occasional spa days, either at home or in a salon are a very relaxing way to soothe body and mind. A trip to the hair salon is a make me feel pretty time in which I get a cut and color touch up on my hair, a manicure and pedicure for my nails and sometimes a facial to tone my skin. Every few weeks to each month I have a professional massage to relax stressed muscles and just feel good.

Eye health

Sometimes all that I do is just not enough, so I look to other ways to help me in this process. One way I’ve found is cosmetic surgery. There are so many options available, from greatly altering the body with a breast augmentation to a slight imperfection fix like a chemical peel. I’m definitely looking more into these alternatives to better my exterior. A few procedures I’m considering are the chemical peel, tattoo makeup and a tummy tuck. The chemical peel would give me a “fresh start” on my face.

Clearing away flaws on my skin would give me a renewed look and continuing my beauty regimen would only continue the good-looking results. I’m interested in tattoo makeup mostly for its help in saving time while adding beauty. Each day I spend more than just a few minutes getting ready; fixing my hair, putting on makeup, perfecting my overall guise. Having permanent eye liner or lipstick would shorten my routine and also add to my “natural” beauty when I just get out of bed. A tummy tuck would make my belly just that much smoother. No matter how much zone toning I do, it seems there is that little pooch that just never goes away.

I’ve yet have cosmetic surgery performed on my body, but it is a very appealing option. All that’s left is for me to save up the funds to pay for procedures. Some can be somewhat affordable, and others very expensive. My next steps are to decide exactly what it is that I would like to have done and fine out the pricing for each so that I can begin to put money away to pay for it.

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