Tips To Help You Recover Faster After Heart Surgery

consulting-doctorIn most cases heart surgery recovery will last 6 to 8 weeks. However, based on the procedure that is performed, recovery time can be shorter. The type of surgery a patient goes through and age can impact recovery speed. After a patient is discharged from the health care facility, a set of precise instructions are usually offered. That is what we will talk about right now with the purpose of aiding you recover faster.

Incision Care After Heart Surgery

The most important things to remember about this are the following:

  • The incision has to be kept dry and clean
  • A healthy diet helps out a lot in healing faster
  • Only water and soap should be used to cleanse incision area

In the event you have an infection, you need to contact the doctor immediately. Signs that this happened include:

  • Incision line opens
  • Oozing or drainage increases are noticed from incisions
  • Body temperature increases over 38 degrees Celsius
  • The incision area shows warmth or redness

It needs to be added that calling the doctor is also necessary in the event that sternum feels like moving or when cracks or pops are heard during movement.

Cosmetic Surgery

Heart Surgery Pain Relief

Just as any doctor from reputable clinics specialized in heart surgery will tell you, pain may appear together with small incision or muscle discomfort, tightness, itching and numbness on incision lines. Pain will always be lower than what you felt before surgery and if you use minimalistic heart surgery options like those from Keyhole Heart Clinic, pain will be even less intense. However, pain medication is prescribed so that you can take it when faced with pain in the affected area.

When going through bypass surgery, it is possible to feel more pain in the leg area when compared to the chest incision in the event that leg veins were used for grafts. In this case discomfort and stiffness will disappear as time passes thanks to walking and other daily activities.

Dieting After Heart Surgery

It is very important that you follow a healthy diet after your heart surgery. That is simply because this will speed up the entire healing process. In the event you do not know much about this, make sure to ask your doctor so that special dietary instructions can be offered.

Remember that it is completely normal to experience poor appetite after your surgery. If that is the case, you should try to eat more frequent meals that are smaller. Contact your doctor if you notice that appetite does not come back after 2 weeks.


Physical Activity After Heart Surgery

Based on various factors, returning to regular daily activities is possible after various time frames. The doctor is the only one that can tell you when you should consider resuming such activities. Even so, make sure that you follow these indications when you recover from a heart surgery:

  • Physical should be gradually increased. You can do household chores but you should not stand in just one place for more than a quarter of an hour.
  • Never lift anything heavier than 10 pounds.
  • Ever pull or push a heavy object.
  • Try to go on daily walks. Cardiac rehabilitation specialists or doctors can offer specific guidelines when you get home.
  • Climbing stairs is usually allowed but in some cases the doctor will not allow you to do so.