Is Tooth Whitening Right For Me?

dental-Our appearance says a lot about us, and whether you hate the fact or revel in it, people will judge you for the way you look. This is why cosmetic procedures and surgery are on the rise- everyone is looking to present the best version of themselves. Tooth whitening is one of those procedures that was relatively niche fifteen years ago, but is now something that many people see as routine. Many people choose to use a special tooth paste, but there is much evidence to suggest that tooth whitening tooth pastes don’t work. For truly dramatic results you are probably going to need something a little more serious.

Tooth whitening involves lightening the shade of your teeth without causing damage to them, or any pain for the person undergoing the treatment. Many people choose to use a whitening tooth paste, but for truly dramatic results you are probably going to need something a little more serious, which is where an orthodontist comes in. The effects are pretty dramatic and can last for up to three years. I spoke to VH Orthodontics, my orthodontists who provide teeth whitening in Cheshire about what the procedure involves.
teeth (3)There are many different kinds of treatments available, some involving lasers, numbing creams and lengthy treatment times. However, the most popular involve the creation of bleaching trays. These are small trays that are made for each individual from impressions taken from their own teeth. The fitting takes a couple of minutes and it is completely painless. The tray is then filled with bleaching gel and this is worn everyday for around two weeks. Following laser whitening it should be worn for a couple of hours, however, if this is the only part of the treatment that you opt for it is recommended that they be worn over night for the whole time.

Whatever you opt for, the results are pretty similar- absolutely fantastic. So long as you follow the dentist’s instructions you are guaranteed a perfect smile with no pain and no fuss. Treatments can then be topped up regularly or on special occasions. This is something that is well worth doing and will only set you back a few hundred pounds, which in my opinion is a sound investment.