Top Tips for Looking Great this Summer Without Having Surgery

Surgery-9Skincare products vary with changes in the season. A winter moisturiser can make your skin supple during biting cold weather but the same lotion will turn your skin oily and sticky if used in summer. Heat is associated with numerous skin, hair and nail issues, and as such, summer is also associated with many skin discomforts. Sun’s excessive exposure can rob you of your energy within minutes, and that is just the beginning of a long summer day.

When it comes to looking great this summer, primary focus needs to be on areas of skin that are exposed the most – the face, neck, arms and feet. Sun damages your hair as much as it affects your skin. And the sun is just one of the many things that can harm your hair during summer. An activity that the majority of us engage to tackle heat is swimming.  But you need to know that chlorine is present in generous amounts in swimming pools, and more so during summers when maintaining hygiene becomes more challenging.

While we are considering options that will keep our skin glowing and hair vibrant despite the sun, let us not forget that eating the right food is as important. Mentioned below are a few more tips to achieving great look this summer.

  • Look for body lotions with ingredients that will hydrate your skin, such as silicones and glycerine. Consider exfoliation a religious routine during summers! Ignoring those dead skin cells on our body will make your skin look dull. Opt for skin peel treatments that perform the dual purpose of exfoliating and decongesting the skin.
  • Breakouts are rampant during summer. While there are ample treatments for the face, do not overlook zits that appear on the arms and back. Thankfully, few select salons offer treatments for these areas of the body. A trip to such saloons is a must.
  • Cosmetic SurgeryWhile everybody longs for an envious sun-kissed look, few would risk exposure to the sun for longer durations. Opt for ‘sunless tanning’, and prefer getting it done by a tanning technician. An expert will not only give you a gorgeous tan, but will provide you with maintenance tips for later.
  • Summer calls for short hair, so trim those locks before the sun can make them limp. Use products with UV filters to shield your hair from sun’s rays. Tackle frizz by getting your hair treated with anti-frizz serums from a reliable beauty salon.

Wrinkles are a huge downer for many, but advancement in medicine has led to the emergence of numerous treatments that can reverse the signs of aging. Botox injections in Belfast is one such procedure that takes only a few minutes, requiring no anaesthetics. The results last for about 4–6 months and patients experience no side effects when done by professionals.