Treatment for Wilson and hepatitis

Cosmetic SurgeryWilson’s disease is a disorder that causes deposition of copper takes place mainly in the brain and liver. Another disease that affects the liver is the hepatitis, which destroys liver cells and produces inflammatory cells. Both of the diseases need treatment in order to live a healthy life.

Treatment of Wilson disease

Wilson disease is a very rare disease which is mostly inherited from the parent. It causes the inability of the body to produce the enzymes that are required for the proper transportation of copper, and hence cause copper to build up in the brain and liver. It can cause severe damage to the liver, even to the point of cirrhosis. The deposition in the brain leads to several problems like tremors of limbs, difficulty in walking etc. It is important to provide the patient with Wilson disease medicine in order to prevent long-term damage. The most commonly prescribed Wilson disease medicine is the Penicillamine which helps to remove copper from body by passage through the urine. Penicillamine is also called chelating agent. Once the initial deposition of copper is cleared from the body within about a year, the dosage can be reduced. An alternative of this medicine is Trietine. Under certain circumstances, Zinc is used in treatment. It prevents the body from absorbing copper from the food, hence also preventing any kind of copper build-up. But, it has less side-effect than both Penicillamine and Trientine once the excess copper from body has been cleared. This is especially good for people who need treatment to be treated for their entire life. If diagnosed at a later stage, the liver might need a transplant. However, the body will continue to start copper build up again, so one will need to be careful. Some of the other problems developed as a result of the disease, such as movement problems, may not be removed at all, but can only a reduced with appropriate treatment.


Treatment of Hepatitis

Hepatitis is a disease that causes the inflammation of the liver, and is caused when a person contracts the virus that causes this inflammation. Hepatitis can be of different kinds, and they cause several problems starting from vomiting to muscle pain, but they mainly target the liver and cause problems to it. Based on the type of the hepatitis, its treatment will vary. Lamivudine therapy, which prevents active replication in a patient of chronic Hepatitis B, is considered a good treatment of the disease. Interferon-alpha, combined with direct antiviral agents like adefovir or lamivudine is considered to be very helpful. Pegylated interferon is considered the best option of treatment for those who are affected with Hepatitis B and has been proven to be more successful than a regular interferon or lamivudine treatment. Ozone therapy is an unconventional yet effective way of detoxifying the liver of the toxins that cause hepatitis, as ozone helps in the stimulation of phagocytes and enzymes, and activation of interferon. Natural methods of treatment and prevention can also be adopted, including several Chinese herbs which are being incorporated into regular medicines. A major lifestyle change is also needed for a healthy liver.

Liver can severely be damaged if either hepatitis or Wilson (which can cause hepatitis) is left untreated. The earlier it is treated, the less damage is caused to the liver. But, in later stages, the liver may be scarred i.e. cirrhosis may be developed. In such a severe problem, the liver may be so damaged that the only method of saving a patient will be to give him a liver transplant. So, it is better to keep a check on drinking and other activities that cause hepatitis. A person who has Wilson’s disease in the family needs to be extra careful about the development of the disease.