Want to Look Good for the New Year?

healthy-9Many people want to start the New Year with confidence, go into it feeling their best after the inevitable overindulgence of Christmas. Feeling good inside no longer suffices, scented candles and bubble bath will not do the job – it is to skin treatments and Botox that many women are beginning to turn, a fact that is explored here, on an article in the Mail Online. According to a study conducted by ABC, the gift that most women want this year is beauty. Botox can help people look their best by reducing the contractions of the muscles that cause frown lines which develop over time. We live in an era in which stress is almost a defining factor, we are still in a recession and job security is almost nonexistent. Stress accelerates the aging process, so there is more desire for Botox than ever. In fact, a piece of research from ‘Which?’ magazine stated that almost 50% of people aged 16-24 would be happy to receive Botox as a Christmas gift.

Cosmetic Surgery

I have also been a recipient of Botox as a gift, once I had visited a clinic for Botox injections in Bromsgrove and undergone the treatment I felt great. Confidence really helped me at work as well, when you have confidence in how you present yourself people are more susceptible to agree with your suggestions and listen to your ideas. Even celebrities like Simon Cowell, who is no stranger to Botox treatments himself, once famously distributed vouchers for the treatment as a Christmas gift. He gave his X-factor co-stars £3,000 worth of Botox vouchers at the after party of the final show. He isn’t the only celebrity who uses the treatment: Kim Kardashian, Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Anniston, Courtney Cox and Kylie Minogue have all openly admitted to using Botox. Whilst it was once a celebrity trick of the trade, there are clinic dotted all around the UK, you can now be amongst the record number of celebrities who are opting for the treatment this year.