Ways to Remove That Fat Without Surgery

rondThere is no greater holy grail for us ladies than to be able to get rid of that fat easily and quickly. It is also top of the list for cosmetic practitioners. To be able to provide an effective non-invasive cosmetic treatment which allows us to lose the pounds would be fabulous for us all. So what are the current options? 

Fat Melting Injections: 

This is where stubborn areas of fat are selected and treated with a special fat busting injection. The medication which is used is caustic and attacks and melts fat cells, in the process breaking them down. They are generally used for those areas that we all get stuck with which will not budge even with diet and exercise. Try researching options like Aqualyx if you are considering this form of fat removal. Ensure that you speak to an expert and get all of your questions answered. The advantage of this form of fat removal is that it is quick and easy. A consultation with a good practitioner will tell you how long they think a course should take.


weight-loss-6This is the tried and tested method for many people, purely because it has been around for so long. It does have the advantage of removing the fat cells permanently. It involves using suction to target fatty deposits. Over the years it has become safer, easier and less painful. It is obviously more invasive than something like fat busting injections though. It has the benefit of reshaping and contouring areas of the body and is probably more suitable for larger bodies of fat that need to be worked on.

Zerona laser treatment: 

This is a laser treatment which has shown a lot of promise. It has been shown in studies to take off several inches over a six week course of treatment. However, it has to be done alongside taking supplements such as niacin, drinking good quantities of water and also completing regular exercise. This is therefore very dependent on the participation of the patient for its success. It is also not very easy to control where the fat is lost from, so it may be that the stubborn area which you were looking to tackle may not be the area which benefits. Its success rates do warrant some research being done on it though to see if it is the right treatment for you.

There are other treatments out there too. For many people you cannot get better than good old fashioned diet and exercise. It will probably always be the best way to tackle weight gain in the long run and is a good practice to get into regardless of whether you plan to go for the cosmetic option anyway. If you do consider going the cosmetic research, do your research, and feel confident in your decision. It could make the world of difference.