What are Dental Implants?

dentalAdults that range between 35 to 44 years old, about 69% if them has lost at least one permanent tooth because of an accident, sometime of gum disease, they had a failed root canal, or their tooth decayed; according to statistics. About 26% people that by the age of 74 has lost all of their teeth, that were permanent.

dental-replacingPatients that has only had lost one tooth, had no choice but to receive a fixed bridge or removable dentures. But in 1965 Professor Gothenburg University in Sweden, Brånemark, with a human volunteer, placed the first dental implant. The human volunteer that received the dental implant was, Gösta Larsson, he was from Sweden. The reason he agreed to receiving the first dental implant is because he wanted to have to teeth again. In 1969, the United States patented process for the dental implant.


Dental implants are a long term replacement. This is perfect if you only have one or two teeth missing, instead of having to get dentures just for a couple of teeth missing. A dental implant is a surgery done by a cosmetic dentist because they place the implant in to your jawbone.

What is done during the dental implant. The titanium mental get “fused” to your jaw bone, this process is called “osseointegration.” With having a dental implant, you will not have to worry about any embarrassing noising or it slipping. They will also never decay unlike fixed bridges would. Since the dental is fused to your jawbone, any bone loss is usually not a problem. If the dental implants are well taken care of, they can last the rest of your life, just as if they were you own teeth.

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