What are the different types of face lift cosmetic surgery

cosmetic-3Face lift surgery has many types of procedures ranging from mild to extreme make over. The prime candidates are those between 30 and 55 years old. However, anyone over 30 years old is well acceptable to Face Lift surgery.

There is a wide variety of reasons for undergoing this procedure. The number one reason for a lift is due to aging. The number of candidates who are requesting Face lift surgery, who have been scarred from injury to the facial area, is on the rise. Excessive weight loss is also a prime reason for this surgery.

It is highly recommended that a thorough, in-depth study of each type of Face Lift cosmic surgery be performed by the recipient. A well distinctive consultation with the administering surgeon is also highly recommended.

Choosing a well trained and experienced surgeon is the top priority. The recipient may also wish to view or request the surgeon’s previous before and after results.The most common type of Face Lift cosmetic surgery is called SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system lift).This is the best all around procedure of the face lift class. With this type of procedure, the top layer of skin is affected along with the deep facial tissues. This procedure is the best method to tone and firm the facial area. Though it is the best in its class, SMAS, requires the longest cosmetic (2)recovery time.

Short Scar Lift and Mid Face Lift, are the lesser of the varieties. These two Lifts are considered the “freshening up” look. The recoveries of these two Lifts are the shortest and have little to no side effects.
Endoscopic Face Lift is mainly done inside with the help of an Endoscope. This procedure is said to leave the least amount of scarring.

Thread Lift is another procedure that is common through the cosmetic field. In this type, metal hooks are used to pin back the facial skin allowing the skin to tighten and become firmer. No skin is actually cut and removed through this procedure. It is not highly recommended because of the inconsistency of its performance. Generally, it is just a “make do” procedure until a latter Lift can be performed.
The most extreme make over Face Lift surgery is called, Deep Plane. This procedure goes deeper than any other type and has the longest lasting results.

Muscles and facial tissues are also cut and tightened. This is the most dramatic changing facial surgery available. However, the risks and side effects of this procedure is also the most extreme. Possible facial nerve injury is common with Deep Plane.
Though the risks in all Face Lift cosmic surgery are high and side effects are possible, the final results seem to be well pleasing to all.

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