What are the top 5 cosmetic dental treatments and what do they involve?

cosmetic (2)Cosmetic dental procedures, once an expensive luxury available only to a select few, have recently become far more widespread thanks to advances in technology, reduction in cost and increased knowledge by the consumer. There now exists a wealth of options available to those searching for the perfect smile; discolouration, chips and crooked teeth can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. These treatments can be far from the draconian drilling-and-filling experiences you might associate with a trip to the dentist, and are far more fulfilling, though wildly varying in price. The following is a brief breakdown of five of the most sought-after cosmetic enhancements – talk to your dentist for more information on these.


You’ve probably heard of veneers – porcelain, ceramic or composite laminates which are ‘cemented’ to the tooth, overlaying the problem tooth – but did you know they can be used to disguise a multitude of flaws? Gaps, stains and small chips can be easily remedied by veneers, and even crooked teeth can be disguised; although this is not as effective as braces, it does give an instant ‘fix’ to your smile.


A much more involved procedure, dental implants do involve drilling, and take time to prepare for – but the result is a permanent, brilliant improvement. Unlike dentures, implants are easy to clean (in fact they’re cleaned in exactly the same way as your teeth are now), blend in perfectly and enable you to eat harder foods with no irritation at all.


Though this is not a dental treatment in the rudimentary sense of the word, it is quickly becoming part of standard treatment options at many dental practices. Clinicians have undergone botox training to ensure they understand the latest techniques and are able to provide effective, safe treatment.


Similar to the home-bleaching trays you might think of, but far more effective – laser whitening is a popular treatment for stained and discoloured teeth. Consisting of a peroxide-based bleaching gel and – of course – a laser, this method can produce results within a couple of hours. Not everyone is suitable, however; gum disease and sensitive teeth can present a problem. Your dentist will be able to assess your suitability.

Gum Contouring

This is exactly what it sounds like – reshaping the gums to produce a more pleasing aesthetic line to the smile. Traditionally performed with a scalpel, recently this has become another procedure taken over by lasers; the same job, with the same results, but with added SCIENCE! Relatively painless, and with a quick healing time, gum contouring is definitely recommended.

In summary, there are many options available to brighten, straighten and rejuvenate your smile – hopefully this brief guide has inspired you to seek out the treatment most appropriate to you, and good luck in your treatment!

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