What Should You Do Before Heart Surgery?

doctors-2Heart surgery is definitely a big thing and it is only normal to be anxious before the procedure. You need to be aware of the actions that you should take so that you can properly prepare. Although it is usually mentioned by the doctor, the advice below is what is generally recommended. Take it into account so that you can have the best possible heart surgery outcome.

One Night Before Heart Surgery

You are allowed to eat normally but it is recommended to never chew, drink or eat anything after 0:00. This actually includes water so make sure you drink before going to bed. If you brush your teeth, try not to swallow water. You should take a shower but you should only wash your body from the neck down. A special anti bacterial soap is usually provided by top notch clinics like The Keyhole Heart Clinic.

The Morning Of The Surgery

You can proceed with the regular morning care routine. Women should never wear makeup and nail polish has to be removed. Prescription medication should be carried with you to the clinic and it is recommended to leave all money, watches or valuables with whoever accompanies you or at home. Make sure that you will dress in a comfortable attire that is easy to fold. Garment bags are normally offered so that clothing can be handed out to a friend or a family member. Personal toiletries and robes can be used during nursing floor transfers.


When You Are At The Hospital

Patients are directed to pre-op areas. Hospital gowns are offered while valuables are handed out to accompanying persons. Make sure that you tell the nurse in the event you do not have someone near you so that items can be locked up.

In-Hospital Patients

Those that are hospitalized will be told when the operation takes care one day before the procedure. Friends and family members can arrive before surgery and keep you company until taken to the operating room. Keep in mind that you will not get back to your room after so remember to hand out the belongings. Alternatively, tell the nurse just as in the situation above.

Cosmetic Surgery

Surgery Day

A nurse or a patient educator will get in touch with you and those close to you in order to highlight expectations. It is normal to feel nervous and you should not worry about that since clinic staff will do all that is possible to help you relax. You need to tell the doctor about any taken medications, especially anticoagulants, if you did not do so already. Include over the counter drugs when you mention what you are taking.

In the event that you have a sore throat, fever or cold, discuss about it with the surgeon. Stop smoking as soon as possible before the surgery so that breathing and blood flow can be improved! In order to prevent infections, the area where the incision is done will be shaved. You will surely be asked to use a special soap to wash on surgery morning.