Where To Go Abroad For Cosmetic Surgery?

cosmetic-surgeryWith cosmetic surgery being a viable option to alter or correct our body features, medical tourists are crisscrossing continents at an increasing rate. As usual we always want to sneak in some fun when we travel abroad regardless of the reason we are there which is okay. However the concern is that there are many con artists using cosmetic surgery to package tourist destinations and vacations. This is very alluring to many people and if not careful, you might fall into wrong hands that will cost you dearly health wise. Don’t be discouraged though, there are still some places where you can get greatly skilled surgeons and they include:

Singapore, recognized for its biotechnology, their work on regenerative therapies and stem cells is respected all over the world. Their organ transplants are also excellent. They take time to ensure safety for all their patients.

Brazil is known for its emphasis on beauty and its only befitting for it to be the ultimate place. It is a hub for world excellent surgeons who have set up private practices. The procedures in this country are very affordable and so is the lifestyle.

Surgery-6Another destination that is taking over the world of cosmetic surgery is South Africa. It attracts many Europeans who also want to go on safaris. You will find some of the most highly skilled surgeons with UK and USA certifications here.

Philippines couldn’t be left out in this compilation. Medicine is a niche of the country and it’s inevitable for them to be pros in cosmetic surgery. The facilities are world class and the services are cheaper due to the lifestyle. So if you are operating on a budget, this is the place to get prices which are at a fraction of those in USA.

Thailand is a force to be reckoned with in this industry. Though their popularity for gender change surgery is raging, they are also good at other forms of plastic surgery at affordable rates.

Another worthy place you could choose is South Korea. Its facilities are state of the art. South Koreans are said to be the people who have the most cosmetic surgeries in the world and that tells you they have really invested in this sector. They attract about 20,000 patients annually from all over the world and especially Japan. Their specialties include eyelid surgery, skin whitening, nose jobs and facelifts among others.

You will need to stay in the place you choose for a while to ensure healing therefore your travel documents must be in order. If pressed for time, online passport application will make your work easier. You can also use this service to update and renew your passport from anywhere. Other places that you can choose are India which is the cheapest of all places, Hungary, Costa Rica and of course the United States which has the most facilities but is also plagued with con artists so if you choose it you need to really sift through. Always research broadly before settling as expertise differs depending on what you want and you deserve the best.