Braces, Inman aligners and invisalign; the invisible brace is here

dental-5An invisible brace is the latest innovation from the professional orthodontist, and it has become the most popular brace on the market. There are two types being marketed and they are both clear in colour, one type the Inman Aligner, is designed to straighten the front upper and bottom teeth, but not the back teeth. The Invisalign Brace has a clue to its main feature in the name; in that it is an invisible brace. The Inman Brace has a metal bar running along the front of it, but the Invisalign Brace is clear all through and takes care of misaligned back teeth as well as the front ones .

They also both have the unique feature of being mobile, not being fixed to the teeth allows them to be removed for eating, sleeping and cleaning of the teeth, although it is recommended that they are worn at least 20 hours a day.

what-is-cosmet…-it-do-for-youThe procedure is quite a scientific one and very 21st century, it starts off with digital photos and X-rays being taken, then a mould is made of your teeth. This information is all scanned into a computer, and the result is a program that give the orthodontist and the dentist all the information they need to make and fit the many braces you need. The fittings will come every two weeks, and will be done at the dentist. The computer also produces a 3D film of the whole procedure to allow you all to see how the teeth will be pulled into shape. As the braces are doing their pulling and pushing, the blood flow is also altered to allow bone to grow behind the tooth.

graftThis will act as a buffer to make sure that the teeth don`t fall back into their old position. The time is a varied one; it all depends on the amount of movement required and the brace chosen. Some patients have said it only took three months, whereas others have reported the process to take around 8 months. The price is also varied depending on the amount of dental visits and the amount of braces that are made to do the job. It can be anywhere between £1,000 and £2,500, but the best one to advise you on all the F.A.Q.s is your dentist as they will know your teeth better than you do.