Dental Tourism

toothPicture yourself sat on an airplane, heading towards another country. The chances are that the people sat around you are either off on an enticing holiday on the continent or perhaps leaving for a business trip abroad. But have you heard of people travelling away for the sake of their teeth? Well, more and more people are choosing to travel away for dental care. Care to learn more? Then let’s take a trip to find out about dental tourism.

Travelling Away

Let’s start from the beginning – what is dental tourism? OK, well it’s the process of a patient seeking dental treatment away from their local healthcare systems. It might involve a person hopping on a plane from Britain to Poland or maybe the shorter distance involved in a patient going from the Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland.

As part of what is widely known as medical tourism, people might seek to choose to access dental treatment away from home. Today, agencies even offer people the chance to combine their trip for dental treatment with a holiday as part of a package.

Why Do People Take Off?

dental-health-2There are a number of reasons why people may choose to go abroad for dental care. However, the primary factor is cost. Often people will make the choice to go to a country where the price of dental treatment is significantly more favourable than in their own country. In the process they might save thousands of pounds.

Of course, there are other reasons – including a patient seeking the best possible quality of treatment or perhaps choosing somewhere close to family and friends. Another significant issue might be where the patient can access the dental treatment they either need or desire locally. If they are unable to, they might choose to take off.

What Issues Should I Be Aware Of?

While the pricing of dental care abroad may be enticing, it’s important to be aware of any risk factors and consider all the possibilities.

The chief concern, which has been issued by the British Dental Foundation, is that patients may not be getting the right quality of dental care as they blindly pursue the cheap price that might be put on offer. Some patients have returned from trips abroad for dental work to find they still have the problem that existed, while in some cases the problem has been exacerbated. Plus, being on pain while ‘on holiday’ is not such a nice thing either!

So, be sure to check the qualifications of the dentist carrying out the procedure, as well the credentials of the dental studio. Seek advice if you are unsure – it’s crucial that you’re armed with the correct facts before making a decision, rather than rushing in to one you regret.

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