Effective Solutions for Closing Gaps in between Teeth

Woman teethThere are some people who have crooked teeth. There are some people who have an overbite or under-bite. And then, there are some individuals who basically have perfect teeth; except for a couple of gaps that are in between their teeth.

If you happen to be someone who falls into the third category, you’d like to close the gaps that you have and you want to know about the options that are available to you, you’re in luck. We actually have provided you with a list of five effective solutions that you can discuss with your dentist below:

Try some teeth gap bands. Although there are some methods you can try with the help of your dentist’s consultation that we’ll get into in just a moment, something that is relatively easy and also affordable are teeth gap bands. They are literally small bands that look like rubber bands that you can put in between your teeth to help to close your gaps. Just keep in mind that it’s recommended that you keep them on for 12 hours each day until you get the kind of results that you want. You can go to TeethGap.com for more information.

Get a set of braces. A far more common approach to closing your gaps is to get some braces. However, your dentist may not opt to do this if that is the only thing you want to correct; that is, unless the gap is extremely wide. But, if you have other issues, getting braces is one way that you can correct everything, including your gap, all at once.

Pretty young girl wearing bracesConsider Invisalign
. If you shudder at the thought of getting a full mouth of traditional braces, an alternative is what is known as Invisalign. They basically serve the same purpose as braces, only they come in the form of a clear molding. That way, they are not as obvious as traditional braces, plus, you can take them off when you’re eating. They are another solution if you’re seeking to close your gaps.

Add some porcelain veneers. Say that you set up a consultation with Timberland Dental in order to get a recommendation on things that you can do to close up the gap in front teeth. One thing that the dentist might suggest is that you get some porcelain veneers. They are thin porcelain coverings that you can put on top of your natural teeth to improve the appearance of your teeth. They can be customized to change the size or color of your teeth and applying them is a quicker method than braces; however, they also tend to be considerably more expensive too.

Have your gums clipped. There are some people who have a gap, especially in between their two front teeth, and it’s simply due to a thick piece of skin that’s “in the way”. When this is the case, there is oftentimes a simple way to correct the issue and that’s to clip the skin. It might sound painful but your dentist will numb the area and it only takes a few moments to do. Then, gradually, the gap will close. For more information on these gap closing techniques, contact your local dentist.