Five Reasons You Should have Dental implants

dental-1Many of us have lost a tooth due to tooth decay, an accident or injury, but why should we consider dental implants to replace our missing teeth? Dental implants are made from titanium and are very small thin pegs which are implanted into the jaw bone through the gums to act as a replacement root for the missing tooth. Other options for missing teeth include dental bridges and dentures, but why are dental implants the best solution?

1. No change to diet

Dental implants mimic natural teeth so that you can eat the same kinds of foods you would eat with a full set of healthy natural teeth. You are able to eat hard chewy foods without worrying about breakage or dentures coming loose with dental implants. The dental implant fuses together with the jawbone giving it superior sturdiness and strength. Your lifestyle can remain exactly the same as before.

 2. Very comfortable

Dental implants not only look very natural, they also feel very natural in the mouth. They have proven to be very comfortable, just like natural teeth. Unfortunately, dentures are often uncomfortable in the mouth and cause irritation to the gums. Dentists Hitchin believe that dental implants allow patients to feel confident without worrying about dentures falling out or looking unnatural.

 dental-health3. Healthier for the rest of the teeth

Other missing teeth treatments such as dental bridges make it harder to clean that area of the mouth leading to increased chances of tooth decay in the natural teeth surrounding the bridge. Bits of food can become trapped in and around the bridge and no amount of oral hygiene can get to it. There is more chance of needing restorative work on these teeth such as fillings, this also true for partial denture wearers. Dental implants act like natural teeth therefore the chance of getting tooth decay because of them is much less likely.

 4.  They can last a lifetime

Dental implant technology had been around for twenty years or more and those that had dental implants so long ago usually still have them. Because the titanium rod is fused with the jawbone it means they offer patients a permanent solution for life with proper care. Alternative solutions such as dentures and bridges are not a permanent solution and regularly need to be replaced or refitted. Over time this can end up costing patients more than getting dental implants and more time in the dental chair!

 5. Supports the jawbone

As dental implants fuse together with the natural jawbone they help to stimulate bone growth in the jaw area. This also helps facial aesthetics so that that the facial structure is fully supported. Leaving missing teeth can alter the appearance of the face, teeth can move out of position and oral health can suffer. For more information contact implant dentists Hitchin.