Four Ways To Lower Your Life And Health Insurance

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The New Year sees a raft of resolutions drawn up. A healthier lifestyle and being more frugal with money are the main ones. In terms of getting your finances in order, taking steps towards lowering your life or health insurance are a great starting point. This is not just because you can save on this, but also because those healthy lifestyle choices generally mean spending less money on the things that are pushing up your premium.

Keeping fit

Having an active lifestyle can see you having huge health benefits and to save money on your insurance you need to not be classed as overweight or obese. This is because you could have a higher than average cholesterol level. Lower your cholesterol level and you can see a reduction in the risk of heart attacks, heart disease and strokes. Not being overweight also means that there isn’t as much strain on, not only your joints, but also your internal organs making you more likely to remain in good health for longer.

A balanced diet

Having a balanced and healthy diet can also lower your cholesterol level and reduce your risk of being overweight or having conditions caused by poor diet. Diabetes and certain cancers such as bowel cancer can also be caused through this. Eating less processed food, food with higher sugar, salt and saturated fat content and maintaining a balanced diet with the right amount of fibre, protein & carbohydrates can help to make you healthier.

Reduce alcohol consumption

An insurer could ask you to provide an average weekly unit calculation for the alcohol you consume. If this is above the recommended 21 units a week for men or 14 units a day for women then you could be not only putting yourself at risk of liver disease and other associated health problems, but also an increase in your life insurance payments.

dental9Kick the habit

One way of reducing your health insurance is by stopping smoking. This can save up to 40% on your monthly payments. Smoking affects the policy so much as it is one of the main causes of death and illness in the UK. There are many ways to kick the habit and one that has become extremely popular in the UK is by switching to electronic cigarettes.

There are around 1.5 million vapers and the market is expected to grow to £285 million in 2014. Some insurers class this as smoking due to the fact that the technology is so new but some insurance companies in the UK can offer up to a 40% reduction in health and life insurance programmes through people registering as e-cig users.

They are a much healthier alternative as the products don’t contain around 4,000 chemicals that tobacco cigarettes do and don’t contain tar. A 20 a day tobacco smoker can also save as much as £2,500 per year by switching to e-cigs.

Saving you money in the short and long term

The above tips won’t just save you money in the long term and make you healthier but will also save you money in the shorter term meaning that you could stand to make significant savings.

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