How can I chew while waiting for dental implants tooth inlay?

Patients have to wait a while to receive their permanent tooth inlay that goes over dental implants. Since the wait can be a matter of weeks, patients will need to use something in the meantime that allows them to chew foods while waiting for the inlay that completes their dental implants.

dental-Orthodontists understand this. That’s why they give their patients a temporary bridge to use while waiting for the permanent inlay. This temporary bridge protects nearby teeth and gums from wear and tear while the area of the dental implants is healing. It also gives patients something to chew with. This is important because patients have to wait awhile before finishing work on their dental implants. As a result, patients can lead a fairly normal life while waiting for work on their dental implants to finish up.

Patients should ask their orthodontists for more information about these temporary bridges. This will help them understand how the process works and it will also give them the peace of mind that they need to successfully complete work on the dental implants. Orthodontists understand this and that’s why they are happy to explain how the temporary bridges work to help finish installing a dental implant.