Inman Aligner for the discreet option

Dentists have a wide range of products for their patients to choose from in many areas, making sure that finding the right system for you is as easy as possible.  Inman Aligners are one of those options used for the realignment of teeth and regarded by many as another choice similar to ‘invisible braces’ products but with their own unique set of characteristics.

Firstly, the Inman system is not quite as discreet as something like Invisalign, there is a metal bar which can be seen across the front of the teeth.  Hygiene and food are both unaffected by either system as they simply come out for these periods, though things like root canals is up to you, but making sure you wear the Inman Aligner for at least twenty hours every day is important for achieving fast, effective results.  On the subject of speed, the six to sixteen weeks with the Inman method is far lower than the six to eighteen months with Invisalign.

dental-Another thing which is lower is the price tag, ranging from £1,250 to £2,500 the Inman is a significant saving versus the Invisalign, largely due to the need for only one brace instead of a series of them.  The Inman’s appearance does mean that not as many dentists offer it, choosing to only have the more discreet but more expensive Invisalign system so finding a dentist who does use this method can take longer.

Initial slight discomfort and production of more saliva in the first seven days or so are noted with the aligner, but some adjustment is expected with any new brace system. A new Dentists in Kent is now offering Invisalign and for more information click the link.