Inman Aligner

dental9In this day and age improving your smile does not have to be an ordeal. In fact, you may be interested to know about The Inman Aligner, which allows patients to have a faster, more discreet service. Want to learn more? Then read on…

The Inman Aligner

In case it wasn’t clear, an Inman Aligner is an orthodontic appliance that is used to straighten teeth, helping the user achieve a better smile!

A brace that can be removed and which is able to move teeth in due course, it relies on pressure brought about by a coiled spring on the reverse side of the teeth side and a bar that is located on the face side of the teeth to ease the teeth into position through the course of a push and pull motion.

The Inman Aligner serves as an ideal option if Invisalign is not to your taste – which similarly uses a removable appliance but is an entirely different procedure. Inman Aligners are limited to the degree of movement they can create and normally are better suited to abnormalities of the higher and bottom front teeth. For cases where overcrowding is present they are not all that ideal.

So, what are the advantages?

Speed is king here. Expect shorter treatment times than you would with invisible braces. The braces are removable too, so the patient can eat and clean their teeth during the treatment – making the experience a little more hassle-free.

In terms of costs, you should expect to pay less than you would for invisible braces and in addition, only one aligner is needed for the entire treatment – which is again another big plus for the user.

dental-health-2Are there any downsides?

It is worthwhile to consider that the Inman Aligners are not as discreet as the Invisalign system. The level of movement they can achieve is also restricted so it’s important to speak to your dentists, who will be able to decide whether this is the right sort of treatment for you. Not all orthodontists provide The Inman Aligner system so this may be another factor to consider.

What will I need to pay?

As mentioned previously, the cost of Inman Aligner treatment is a lot less than with invisible braces. Although cost will come down on a number of points – these include the complexity of treatment required, the dentist where the procedure is done and of course, how long it’s likely to take. However, anticipate paying in the region on £1,250 to £2,500 for the treatment.

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