Mucus Information

dental-disMucus is a substance produced in the lining of body cavities such as the lungs. Mucus provides protection against disease causing agents like fungi, bacteria and viruses. Moreover, mucus traps dust and prevents other foreign substances that enter through the nose and mouth during inhalation. Also, mucus acts as a lubricating aid for body cells. According to medical studies, the average human produces about a litre of mucus per day.

Sometimes, you may develop a cough whereby you feel your chest is heavy. This is due to the build-up of mucus in the chest, leading to the development of a mucus cough. The coughing occurs as a result of the throat being blocked by the mucus. As a result, the coughing is the body’s mechanism to attempt at removing the excess mucus.

In case you are suffering from a mucus cough, you can relieve it by taking Benylin Mucus cough syrup. This syrup works by loosening the mucus blocking your airways, thereby alleviating the tightness in your chest from the accumulated mucus. The loosening of the mucus is facilitated by guaifenesin, an active ingredient that enables you to cough up the mucus more easily.

medication-3Benylin cough syrups are effective in treating productive coughs, that is, coughs that produce excess mucus. They are made using a non-drowsy formula, thereby enabling you to comfortably take them at any time of the day without fear of feeling sleepy. Benylin cough syrups will thin out the mucus, thereby mitigating the uncomfortable feeling you get when you cough. An added advantage of taking Benylin mucus cough syrups is that you will be able to sleep peacefully without being interrupted by spasms of coughs.

You can obtain more mucus information by visiting your doctor for medical attention or local pharmacy for advice on relieving your cough.