“Pokertox” Injections For Poker Players – Has Botox Gone Too Far?

cosmo-21Botox has long been used to smooth lines and creases and to erase crow’s feet and frown lines.  Used in large quantities it can cause a total freeze of certain areas making it hard to tell when a person is happy, sad, angry or indifferent.  You only need to look at some celebrities to see Botox ‘face freeze’ in action.

And now, it is being touted as a treatment to cure poker players of their poker face during tournaments and championships.

Botox On The Poker Circuit – Can It Work?

The term ‘poker face’ has often been used to describe somebody that has got a little too Botox happy and now the term is being used quite literally.  A plastic surgeon in New York is now offering professional poker players a chance to wear a poker face for real so that their opponents cannot guess the hand they have from their facial expressions.  By hiding their emotions, poker players can get the edge over their opponents and win big.

Dr Berdy, the New York doctor offering what he refers to as ‘pokertox’ said, “Very few people can maintain a real poker face. Their expression often gives them away and this can be a disaster if they have a good hand or even a bad hand.”

Good Hand?  Bad Hand?  The Telltale Signs

You only have to watch a professional poker game to see what Dr Berdy means.  Pick a player and keep watching them.  Most give away their secrets without realising.  A twitch of the eyebrow, a slight furrowed brow or a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ frown can all be dead giveaways.  De Berdy says that he can inject Botox to the areas that twitch or move when a poker player is dealt a hand so that these features become physically frozen.

Dr Berdy is a former poker player and understands how almost imperceptible movements of the face can give somebody away instantly.  He specialises in aesthetic medicines that can be used by anybody looking to gain the competitive advantage or simply look younger.

However, not one person has yet signed up for ‘pokertox’ and it seems they may never sign up for this treatment.  One World Poker Tour player, Josh Hale, thinks that this type of treatment might be a little outdated.

“The game has moved on greatly from bluffs and telltale facial signs. Today it is much more analytical.  Instead of studying faces or gestures, players are looking at betting patterns and bet sizing in order to plan their next move at the table.”

cosmeticMany poker players have also claimed that Botox for poker playing was a fad and that if players had a “tell” that was that obvious they probably shouldn’t be playing professional poker in the first place.

Botox – More Than Just a Cosmetic Treatment

However, this does seem to be something of an impressive marketing ploy if nothing else.  Unbeknown to many people, Botox is much more than a line eraser and has a multitude of other uses.   For example, it is being used by many people to cure excessive sweating and to cure facial problems such as ticks or excessive blinking.  It was only a matter of time before somebody tapped into using it on the poker circuit and there are sure to be many more innovative and crazy marketing schemes  in the future – such is Botox’s appeal.

However, the fact remains that you must always choose a reputable Botox clinic if you want to achieve the best results.  Dr Berdy claimed in many interviews that he was a cosmetic surgeon when actually he was a doctor of aesthetics.  There is a huge difference and it does prove that you need to be very careful when planning any Botox or filler treatment.  There are many clinics and individuals posing as something they are not and your face in the wrong hands could be disastrous.

Why Finding The Right Clinic Is Essential

Whether you are a poker player looking to gain the upper hand quite literally or you simply want to turn back the hands of time, it is important that you choose an experienced and accredited Botox physician.  Botox is a toxin and must be administered in the right way in order to be safe and effective.  With more people than ever before hopping on the Botox bandwagon it pays to do your research in order to find the right treatment and the right person to do it.