The Benefits of Using Private Hospitals

doctors-2The private hospitals are those hospitals that are not funded by either the national or the state governments. They largely depend on the fees paid by the patients or the insurance coverage of the patients. They are majorly owned by individuals or private companies. They are profit making business and therefore tend to offer better services to their clients with the aim of establishing a long term relationship. It will not be an overstatement to say that you are in better hands at a private hospital than in a public one.

In a private hospital, the doctor has time for you. You have all the bed space with better equipment at the doctor’s disposal. Here, you simply pay for the services that you get. It is for these reasons among many others we are going to discuss in details that have made private hospitals stand out for many years as the better option for the vast majority who can afford these services.

Better Services

The private hospitals have the capacity to offer better services to their clients. This is largely due to the fact that they handle fewer patients with the majority coming on appointments. Their quality services starts right from the reception to the point when the patient is done. The response is prompt with a team of dedicated staff for the patient’s needs.

The public hospitals on the other hands have services that may not meet the patient’s expectations. This is as a result of unmotivated staff with poor pays handling an overwhelming number of patients. This is worsened by the fact that public hospitals quickly run out of medications and other important equipment. It is common to find poorly cleaned floors and unattended flower beds within the public hospital. The facilities may also be too old to be operational. All these compound the problems of poor services in these hospitals.

nurse-3Appropriate number of staff

The majority of private hospitals have adequate number of staff who works with more structured time timetable. They have little or no overtime and have adequate leaves. Better still, they are highly motivated with better pays and less work load to handle. This makes them give top quality services that make patients loyal customers.

This is not the case for the public hospitals in most of the countries. The staff is normally overwhelmed by unending queues of patients. They are overburdened with too much work coming with a lot of overtime and little time for leaves. Their management is in most cases poor with inadequate funding. At times the funds from the government body responsible may be late making the situation gravely.

Public hospitals are also associated with periodical industrial unrest that paralyses the services offered particularly in the underdeveloped countries. It is a common place to find patients unattended for in many of these hospitals which gives the private hospitals an added advantage.

Health Insurance Cover

In private hospitals, every individual has a choice to select the insurance company to purchase a policy from. The policy will be normally paid for periodically and this will offer an individual a chance to secure better services offered by the private hospitals. Paid health insurance could bring the difference between life and death. A private policy will enable one secure such expensive services as surgery and longer stay in the private wards or even the intensive care units. Public hospitals largely depend on the national health insurance covers which are normally limited. Most expensive procedures are not covered leaving patients vulnerable to many risks. Your private insurers also have specialist teams to deal with specific conditions hence are in a position to give specialized advise.

Other Advantages

There are many other advantages that come with the private hospitals over the public hospitals which can be narrowed down to:
Unrestricted visiting hours: The patients can always be visited by their loved ones at all times with no restrictions. This is not the case in the public hospitals given that they have specific visiting time with limitation on the number of visitors in some cases.
Choice: In private hospitals, you have a choice of the consultant to see and even where to receive treatments from. More so, they work with appointments hence more organized. It is not news to find the doctor not available for your appointment in the public hospitals without informing you.

Private rooms: most private hospitals have wards rooms for their patients with the personal care offered by the doctors. This comes with much more attention given to the patient. Most public hospitals offer wards that are public with inadequate bed capacity.

The benefits of using a private hospital are just uncountable. However, they also have a limitation particularly when it comes to affordability. They may not be accessible to the poorer members of the public. They may also not deal with some serious diseases. Private hospitals in general will give you the services that meet your expectations. Your health is much safer in the private hospitals.