The Importance of Denture Care

dental-healthCaring for dentures used to replace one or more missing teeth is important for oral hygiene, health and self-image reasons. Dentures are artificial teeth that appear and act just like normal teeth. The different denture types have care aspects in common that include:

  • Oral cleaning
  • Denture cleaning
  • Denture maintenance
  • Dentist screening

brushing-2Oral Cleaning – Denture care forms part of daily oral hygiene practice. Brushing existing teeth after meals, before sleep and on awaking and flossing daily keeps the mouth fresh and free of bacterial colonisation that may lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

Denture Cleaning– Dentures should be removed and cleaned as part of daily oral hygiene regimens. Fill a basin with water, remove the dentures and after cleaning the mouth, brush the dentures with a denture brush and denture cleaning solution. Dentures may be soaked overnight in luke warm water or denture solution. Never use bleach or a hard brush when cleaning dentures. Cleaning dentures keeps infection-causing agents at bay, removes plaque and food debris build-up for a healthy, clean mouth.

Denture Maintenance – Oral structures naturally change over time and dentures may need adjustment, as discussed on With wear, dentures may need resurfacing or if damaged, may need repair. Dentures are similar to normal teeth in that they may chip or fracture. Professional denture maintenance provided by a denture dentist is important for proper care and repair of dentures in prevention of oral trauma.

Dentist Screening – Keeping regular six-monthly dental check-up appointments and three-monthly visits to the dental hygienist is important for monitoring oral health and for assessing denture care needs. Dentists screen for gum diseases and see that dentures fit is comfortably to prevent gum irritations for optimal oral health.