The Truth behind Teeth Care Myths


When it comes to almost any type of care, myths, family remedies, and “special medicine” are bound to crop up throughout the years. After all, when actual professional help is out of reach, something has to be done. Dental care, of course, is no different. Through time immemorial, strange practices and downright false treatments have become “family secrets” meant to heal any dental problems. The only problem is each and every one is absolutely false. Here are a few of those myths so you can watch out for them.

Myth #1: Bad Oral Health only affects your Mouth

Though dental health is somewhat important in our society, its failure doesn’t seem to faze most people. Yeah, nobody likes to get cavities or fake teeth, but when all is said and done, they don’t worry about it too much. It’s only your mouth, after all. However, what people don’t understand is that poor dental hygiene can actually cause a host of problems. From strokes to heart disease, oral hygiene and upkeep has been linked to many deadly diseases. It can even give you cancer!


Myth #2: Bleaching can weaken your teeth

With the advent of cosmetic dentistry has come a variety of colorful myths, all made out of a fear of something new; one such myth is the idea that whitening can weaken your teeth. Because of its ubiquitous nature, you’ve probably heard this “fact” sometime, somewhere on the internet, TV, or elsewhere. Fortunately, it’s completely wrong. Bleaching not only does nothing to harm the teeth, it actually does precisely what it’s supposed to do: make your teeth whiter. In the end, all you have to do is look at the science behind the myth to see how false it is. People argue that it is weakening the enamel, when all it really is doing is changing the color of your teeth—nothing else. So, if you’re in the process of a bleaching procedure, don’t worry about it. Your teeth will be just fine.

Myth #3: Mouthwash is enough

With many non-morning people, a prevalent myth is the idea that mouthwash is plenty enough to clean your teeth. I mean, it does make sense, if you think about it for less than a minute. Mouthwash kills bacteria and is constantly touted as a mouth miracle cure. But, unfortunately for those who can’t wake up 2 minutes earlier every day to actually brush, only using mouthwash is only marginally better than not doing anything at all. Yes, it may whiten your teeth, but it does not remove the plaque on your teeth, which is the major cause of most mouth diseases. All that mouthwash is really doing is cleaning your teeth marginally, while removing the bacteria that are freeform in your mouth. This is not enough for true dental health.


Myth #4: Your mouth should bleed after a cleaning

It’s a common trope in popular culture that, after the dentist is done scraping around in your mouth, blood is bound to be present. In fact, it’s become so ubiquitous that many have taken it as a natural thing. Unfortunately, this is not the case. If your gums bleed after any cleaning, including brushing/flossing, it may be a sign of gingivitis, which is obviously not a good thing. If you have this, then you need to start brushing and flossing more often to avoid further damage.

Tyler Fleck is a multi-purpose blogger who has written blogs all over the internet, though this particular blog was written on the behalf of Dunn Orthodontics.