Tips For Whitening Your Teeth

Dental bleaching, also known as teeth whitening, is becoming very popular with people all over the world. The desire for whiter teeth is growing as people want to achieve the “perfect smile” and a recent survey revealed that more than half of adults in America would choose to whiten their teeth. With all of the at home kits, dental procedures and salon whitening services, there seems to be no reason as to why you would have to put up with tarnished, stained teeth. After speaking to some dentists who specialise in teeth whitening in Airdrie, I have put together some top tips for getting a whiter, brighter smile – safely.

Before you embark on any sort of teeth whitening, even if you want to do it at home, you should first have your teeth checked by a dentist. They can give your teeth a thorough clean and this may be all that you need to do to get the sparkling smile you desire. During the exam the dentist will also check your teeth for cavities and gum inflammation; it is not a good idea to go ahead with teeth whitening right away if you have any of these issues.

If you choose to have your teeth whitened by a dentist then you first need to choose a dentist that is qualified and has experience in carrying out this treatment. If a dentist whitens your teeth then you can be sure of a safe procedure and you won’t have the inconvenience of doing it yourself. Or, you can simply ask your dentist for advice on the best over-the-counter whitening products – they may be able to recommend one that they know works well.

dental-health-2If you decide to do teeth whitening at home then make sure that you shop around for the best kit. Ask for advice if you are unsure. Always read the label before starting the teeth whitening process. To be on the safe side, carrying out the treatment is not recommended if you are; pregnant, nursing, have sensitive teeth, or if you have porcelain/composite crowns.

Whatever way you choose to whiten your teeth, you need to make sure that you do not do it too often as it is not good for your teeth – once a month at first is good, then you can do it just once or twice a year; but always read the label to find out what that kit recommends. What’s more, if you have your teeth whitened at a dentist then it is usually more effective and the results can last longer.