Top Dental Services in Clinton Maryland

dentalAlthough many patients fear dental treatments, the experience is not always negative or painful.  In fact, if you seek out a top dentist in Clinton, Maryland, chances are that you will end up at the Audubon Dental Center of Clinton, where the environment is far removed from your typical dentist office.

Of course, any quality dentist should be able to deal with all types of dental insurance, and at Audubon Dental Center you will find that kind of flexibility.  Even if you practice regular at home dental care, you still should be visiting a professional dental office on an annual basis at the very least.

And if you do undergo any stress when you have to see a dentist, you really want to become one of the throngs of patients that consider the Audubon Dental Centeras their preferred and desired place to go for dental care.  As soon as you walk into the office, you will understand why this practice has such a strong and loyal patient base.

Structured more like a day spa than a dental clinic, you can relax prior to your appointment with your desired drink from their refreshment bar.  You can choose from gourmet coffees and teas, fresh juices, bottled water and more; find the drink that best suits your needs and wants.

mouthAlthough Maryland will never offer the worst foods for your teeth is also one of the healthiest: citrus fruit. Lemons, lemon and citrus juices and even sugary, chewable Vitamin C tablets contain enough acid to damage tooth enamel and turn teeth yellow. Of course, we all know sugar is bad for your teeth, but few realize how much sugar they actually consume. Sugar is present in naturally sweet foods as well as in dried and fresh fruit, baked goods and both hard and chocolate candies. Brush your teeth within 30 minutes of eating sweet foods, citrus, or candy to help battle the effects of sugar.

Many things you drink are also damaging to teeth. Some of the worst offenders are energy drinks, which contain high doses of sugar and, many times, carbonation; wine, which contains a specific, enamel-destroying enzyme; and fruit juice, which contains vitamins but also incredibly high doses of sugar. Make sure children drink water more often than fruit juice, and carefully care for their teeth after having juice. The same is true for soft drinks, which use sugar, acids, and carbonation to help destroy enamel.

You will also notice that this place offers soothing sounds along with the scents of aromatherapy through the building.  You may look twice to make sure you are coming in for dental care, because by this point it does not feel at all like your typical and sterile dental office.  But rest assured, you really are there for gentle and professional dental care.  They simply understand that the more relaxed you are through the process, the easier your appointment and treatment will be.

So visit Audubon Dental Center of Clinton and learn why they are the top dentist in Clinton Maryland.