Top Ten Tooth Staining Foods and Drinks

Foods and Drinks

There are many things that can cause your teeth to discolour, it’s just a fact of life, but some are worse than others. One dental practice I spoke to, Manor Dentists, said that they had carried out more tooth whitening procedures in Manchester this year than during the same time period of 2011, and expect this number to rise year on year. This may be because many people want to eat and drink whatever they like without considering the impact it has on their teeth.

With this in mind I will discuss the top ten staining foods and drinks, so you can avoid them if you want to keep your pearly whites as white as possible!

foodBeetroot – as you can imagine, beetroot is a powerful staining food. If you insist on eating it, make sure you brush within an hour to get rid of that bright red stain!

Berries – bright coloured berries are a culprit of stained teeth.

Coffee – black coffee is also a well known stainer of teeth. By adding milk you can lessen the effect, but it’s still not great for you.

Dressings – dark dressings such as balsamic vinegar and soy sauce aren’t great for your white teeth, so choose rice vinegar or lemon instead.

Fizzy Drinks – the citric acid present in fizzy drinks erodes enamel, and in addition to this these drinks have ridiculous amounts of sugar present.

Fruit Juice – again, dark coloured fruit juice is a bad idea. Either eat fresh fruit or dilute your juice more to avoid major staining.

Sweets – gum, ice lollies and other sweet things have a similar effect as fruit juice and berries, so choose flavours such as lemon over raspberry if you really have to have one.

Red Wine – the deep red will cause staining for sure, but again if you must drink a bit of red wine then rinse your mouth out as soon as possible.

Tea – similar to coffee, this is worse if you don’t have it with milk. Try an alternative such as green tea to lessen the staining.

Tomato Sauce – combine a bright red substance with high acidity and you have a recipe for stained teeth. Try eating broccoli or lettuce beforehand as this can help to form a protective barrier.