Top three destinations for dental tourism

Dental-clinicDental tourism has become a popular phenomenon in recent years. People don’t want to pay a fortune for having dental procedures and so they find it worthwhile to travel to another country for dental treatments. Usually these medical tourists combine treatments with a holiday at the designated dental destination. Many travelers who go overseas for business purposes take advantage of their trip and have their teeth done.


The three leading dental destinations in the world are Thailand for Australians and other Asian residents, Hungary for Western European residents and Mexico for Americans. In these countries dental care is considered to be superior in terms of skilled dentists working in top-notch dental clinics who offer a variety of dental procedures including dental implants.


U.S citizens can cross the border to Mexico and receive excellent dental care for a fraction of the cost they would pay in the States. Millions of Americans do not obtain a dental insurance, for these people, the best solution is to go to Mexico, either by car or by plane, and have extensive treatment at one of the many clinics available for the medical travelers. The dental industry in Mexico is thriving due to all the American medical travelers swarming into Mexico all year round.

dental-health-2Thousands of Australians who go to Thailand on vacation, take advantage of being in Southeast Asia and admit themselves to one of the many hundreds of dental institutions across Bangkok. Dental clinics in Bangkok have accreditation certificates from international organizations; a large number of dentists have been trained abroad and received their degrees from the U.S. Thailand has been a dental hub for many years now, Asians from all over the region book a  place for dental treatment and head for the beautiful Thai islands after treatment.


If you reside in Europe and you are looking for excellent dental options, Hungary is the place for you. Hopping to Hungary from any European country is a great advantage. Hungary is known for its qualified dentists and cost effective prices of dental treatments. Hungarian dentists conduct full mouth restorations and implants not only in Budapest but also in rural areas as well. One can arrive to Hungary by plane, car or by train and return on the same day without having to take time off. Hungary boasts more dentists per capita than any country in the world.


Medical travelers seeking dental health mustn’t forget to take all medical records which show their overall health condition. Dentists have to know of certain diseases and illnesses such as diabetes in order to refrain from certain procedures or to take extra care.

When planning your travel budget, take into account that you may have to travel again if crowns come loose or something else goes wrong, it can happen to any skilled dentists.


The tendency of traveling for dental purposes is increasing around the globe, there are absolutely no limits for one to receive the fastest, most affordable and best dental treatment available.