What are No Win No Fee Claims for Medical Negligence?

negligenceMedical negligence, or clinical negligence to give it its more modern name, is when a medical practitioner makes a mistake while treating a patient.  This could be:

  • A Doctor misdiagnosing an illness or ignoring important symptoms.  The results of this sort of negligence can be devastating and cause the patient much pain and discomfort.
  • A Pharmacist giving the wrong medication or the wrong dose of the correct medication.  This could cause the patient to be really ill, or they could have all sorts of dreadful side effects.
  • A Dentist could remove the wrong teeth, or slip with the drill and cut the mouth or face.  Does not sound too bad, but why should anyone have to go through the discomfort of having dental treatment more then they have to.
  • A Hospital can cause untold damage if they remove the wrong limb or mistreat a patient.  They deal with many millions of patients every year and most of them are perfectly happy and thankful for the treatment they have received.   But if you are one of the unfortunate ones where something has gone wrong, no win no fee claims for medical negligence may be the way forward for you.
  • An Optician would not normally cause you an accident when you are visiting for an eye test.  They could however make a mistake when performing the simple procedure of laser eye surgery. The majority of errors with laser eye surgery can be corrected by carrying out the procedure a second time, but not all.
  • A Practice Nurse may not use the right method when taking a test.  This could give flawed results and mean an illness could be missed.


  • A Therapist could give you the wrong advice and cause you to take actions you should not have done.
  • A Dietician can give you the wrong diet to follow.  For some illnesses, such as diabetes, this could be a catastrophe.
  • A Chiropodist could cut your feet and make it very difficult for you to walk.

These are just a few of the things that could go wrong when you are visiting a medical professional, and if their negligence can be proved, your medical negligence claim would have a successful outcome.

The other reason for making a claim

Compensation is not the only reason why you should make a medical negligence claim. A practitioner might genuinely not be aware that they are getting something wrong, Making a medical negligence claim is one way of making them aware of their error and will hopefully stop another patient suffering the same fate as you.

When you are ready to make your claim you need to use experienced experts in medical malpractice.  They will use the no win no free agreement, so you will have no money to find to start your claim, or if your claim is lost. Making no win no fee claims for medical negligence is what you need to do if your are suffering because of mistreatment by a medical professional.