You must replace your dentures frequently

dental-health-2Don’t think that dentures are suppose to last forever because they don’t. If you do or don’t have any teeth your mouth does still changes slowly as you get older. The average jawbone, if you don’t have any teeth is about 1/3 mm per year.

If you have osteoporosis, you have a greater chance of having jawbone loss. When the jawbone shrinks, so does the ridges or the gum tissue. Gum tissues or the ridges can shrink about a quarter (14) of inch in ten (10) years.

When your dentures were made, they fit firmly in your mouth. Since your mouth changes, your dentures have to changed. Sometimes, you don’t notice the changes, that is why dentist recommend to have your dentures either refitted or replaced every five (5) to seven (7) years.

Some ways to know if you need your dentures refitted or replaced is the following; if it seems like you have a on going sore spot or pain. If you notice either new or more wrinkles around your mouth. If you dentures is giving your problems eating (chewing) because of them slipping or making a whistling or clicking noise. Your speech starts being slurred. Either your or your loved ones are not comfortable with your appearance anymore. Also, if it seems like you are using denture pads on a routine base.

With seeing your dentist on a regular base, even if you have dentures is a good idea. Then at these visits, your dentist can check any changes or damages in the mouth or on the dentures. If there are any changes or damages then they can be fixed right away with out them getting any worse. The dentist is trying to help you and not make your life hard. They just want you to have good oral health and to fell good about yourself.

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