Playing your part in control of diabetes

fruitsDiabetic treatments aim to normalize glucose levels. Each type of diabetes has an approach that doctors use. For instance, type 1 focuses on putting patients under a diet, exercise regime and administering insulin. On its part, type 2 treatment comprises of exercise, diet and weight reduction. In some cases, these methods may not achieve the desired effect. That is when doctors introduce medication. Quite often, you will hear the words “diabetic diet” being mentioned. This is a diet that is balanced and comprises foods that are low in fat and cholesterol. Where simple sugars are to be consumed, these should be in small quantities.

Having a broad based diet plan

One thing you should note is that there is no diet plan that fits all. Each plan is crafted according to the needs of an individual. Included in the plan is a schedule for using diabetic testing supplies. You should also have the intake of oral medication as part of the broader plan. The principles of eating healthy are the same as they would apply to all people. White meat such as is found in fish and poultry is highly recommended. If you are a vegetarian, seek for equally nutritious alternative foods. Whole grains, beans and fruits are also ideal. Pregnant and lactating women should seek their doctor’s direction.

Key drivers of diabetic treatment

Regardless of the type of medication you have been put on, always focus on maintaining a healthy diet. The ultimate goal of type 2 diabetes treatment is to increase insulin output, decrease glucose amounts that the liver is releasing, increase responsiveness of body cells and reduce the rate at which carbohydrates get absorbed in the intestine. As for type 1, insulin is the key driver even though it can apply both ways. What medics do is to try and mimic the way a healthy person’s pancreas secretes insulin. At the end of the day, you play a major role in managing diabetic treatment.

Close-up of cute young woman sitting and looking at pregnancy teYour role in treatment

While your doctor may recommend a series of things, it is up to you to follow them. You should adhere to the daily glucose tests and watch what you eat. If you skip some procedures, your doctor will still find out. A test known as hemoglobin A1C will reveal to the doctor whether you have been a faithful patient. However, it needs not get to this since it is your health that is at stake here. Such let-ups could result in serious complications that require extensive treatment. Once you get used to a diabetic routine, things fit into place. You will be able to go about other daily activities just like healthy people do.

If you do not control diabetes, you might either suffer from hyperglycemia, high levels of blood sugar or hypoglycemia, low glucose levels. Both conditions can spiral out of control. On the other hand, diabetic people should quit smoking and/or excessive consumption of alcohol. Hyperglycemia can lead to damage of the retina. Hypoglycemia can worsen into diabetic ketoacidosis which is also serious. Ingram Diabetic has several free supplies to help you get started in properly managing your condition.