Tips on using diabetes testing supplies affordably

iStock_000003142958XSmallDiabetes patients know too well what it takes to keep it under control and remain healthy. You need to be at the top of your game balancing the intake of food together with that of insulin. Clearly, this is a condition where constant monitoring is of essence. People who have recently been diagnosed with diabetes suddenly find that they have a long shopping list. This includes diabetes testing supplies that must be used daily. It is human nature to make an attempt at avoiding some of these supplies. You must understand that your life has changed forever. Each of the supplies your doctor has asked you to procure has a purpose. Actually, they work hand in hand with each other.

Taking diabetes in stride

As at the time you are reading this, scientists have not yet discovered a cure. Nonetheless, the care provided through the supplies mentioned above will see you exercising control over the condition. On top of these supplies, you will also have to start eating a balanced diet and undertake regular exercises. You must also learn to accept your situation. Living in self-denial will only make matters worse. Diabetes is one of the most researched medical conditions in the world. That should tell you that there is plenty of information that can prove to be helpful. Through the internet, you can get to learn more about diabetes with respect to how it affects you.

Keeping costs of management low

doctor-talksBack to the main subject, the cost of medical care is prohibitive. One way you can counter against this is by getting a medical insurance cover. The premiums you pay will help take care of consultation fees for medical practitioners and cost of drugs. Here are additional ideas on minimizing diabetes management costs:

  • Go for diabetic insurance plans: There are medical policies designed to cater for diabetics. Through such a plan, you could be able to save money by buying in bulk and enjoy special prices which the insurance company will pay.
  • Try cheap supply options: Even with an insurance cover, you should not be overly extravagant. The cover has a limit which you could easily reach and exhaust your benefits. Look for pharmacy stores where you can buy cheaper drugs, lancets, testing strips and alcohol swabs.
  • Avoid wastage: Your doctor will always stipulate the number of times you should test for glucose. If he says you test for five times, stick to that. Extending by one or two tests is okay but going all the way to eleven times a day is way too far. Your supplies will run out quickly forcing you to buy a replacement and spend more money in the process.

Final word

Every dollar saved goes a long way towards ensuring that you get more supplies in future. Note that these tips do not open the way for you to compromise on quality or strict adherence to testing schedules. Above all, network with other people especially those who have lived with the condition for several years. Join diabetes support groups too. Click here to receive free diabetic testing supplies to help you manage your condition.