The Best Part about Social Security for You and Family

1156484_old_coupleMost of us look forward to retirement as a time to focus on living life as comfortable and happy as we can. However, unless you are a fortune teller, when and how much you will need to cover your remaining years is not a guaranteed number. Nobody knows how much they will need for certain, how long they will live, or how inflation in the economy will rise and fall. That’s why the contribution from social security to your retirement funds is such an important factor.

Social security is set to counteract inflation as you age in a fluctuating economy. The best part about social security is that it will be a reliable amount of income that you will receive for the rest of your life. Of all of your retirement eggs, it is perhaps the most stable part that you can plan on.

That is why it is so important that when you file for Social Security that you maximize the amount that you will receive for you and your family.

Filing is Complicated

You can apply for disability yourself, but like with most federal processes, it’s a tricky road with a few obstacles thrown in by Uncle Sam for good measure. Understandably, the government does not want it to be too simple for everyone to get.

Successfully filing for Social Security is all about knowing how your benefits work and punctuality. Timing is everything when it comes to the amount that you receive. Filing for benefits yourself may be a realistic task if you are filing between the ages of 65 and 70, and have never been married. However, filing gets complicated fast if you have ever been married, or if you choose to apply before you reach your full retirement age. No matter what the case, you will need to commit some considerable time towards studying the rules before cautiously proceeding.


Simplify and Reduce Risk

Roughly 35 percent of disability applications are accepted on the first time that they are filed. That means the odds are much greater your first time filing will not be a smooth sail. Using advocate services, such as, can make a drastic impact on how much you ultimately receive in benefits. Experts with years of experience meticulously understand the application process so that they can get you approved within an optimal time frame for maximum benefits.

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