Getting Relief By Knowing IBS Symptoms

Joy of MotherhoodIBS stands for irritable bowel syndrome and is a disorder that can often creep up unknowingly. That’s because there are so many possible symptoms that are associated with it, leading us to often mistake it for mundane stomach or bowel problems. Things like diarrhoea, constipation, excessive flatulence (breaking wind), bloating and abdominal pain are merely some of the common symptoms that often get pegged as being normal. If you have any combination of these symptoms flare-up on you time and time again, it’s time to go check in with your doctor.

There are also some symptoms that can help narrow it down to IBS. Things like needing to empty your bowels again despite just having done so, mucus secretion from your bottom and being unable to hold it in (the urgent need to go to the toilet). Lastly, any of the symptoms mentioned previously combined with these warning signs require an immediate visit to the doctor. Unexplained weight loss, a swelling or lump in either your bottom or abdomen and bleeding from your bottom.

teen9The symptoms aside, IBS can be downright painful, leaving us weak and bedridden. As if that weren’t enough the embarrassment that goes with it is nothing to scoff at either. Passing wind at inopportune moments gets down right irritating after awhile. For some people there’s some pain relief after bowel moment but that’s hardly a solution.

Luckily with a little search, I’ve been able to find a solution on the Colpermin website. They have this wonderful product called IBS Relief Capsule. It’s specially designed to relieve IBS symptoms. It uses peppermint oil, an antispasmodic (muscle spasm suppressant) that’s recently been proven by a British Medical Journal to be an effective treatment plan for IBS. But peppermint oil is useless if it can’t get to the affected area. Not to worry, the capsule is designed with a unique gel formula that delays the capsule from dissolving until it reaches the digestive tract, the main source of IBS symptoms. If you think you are suffering from IBS try check with IBS Symptom Checker on the Colpermin website.