How to Gain Weight in a Healthy Way

weight-loss9The whole world may be having the “lose weight” problem. But then we may forget that there is a big number also of those who wishes the opposite—to gain weight.

In the US alone, 2% of grownups are underweight. That number has lowered down from the past decades to 3.5% among women and 1.2% among men. Underweights are those that are below the healthy BMI index.

Causes of Underweight Among Grownups
Being underweight can be caused by many factors. But the things below are the most notable and possible reasons.

  1. Genetics. You can inherit your body proportions from your genes. It runs in your family. Having small appetite can also be a hereditary factor.
  2. Too much physical activity. You are either an athlete or have a job that requires you to spend your energy in it. Athletes are common in this category.
  3. Illness, medical condition. Once you are sick, chances are your appetite maybe affected. You will lose so much weight and be underweight. It can even become a sign of further conditions such as diabetes, digestive disease or thyroid conditions.
  4. Medications. Some medications can cause weight loss. Chemotherapy is one; it can reduce appetite and make you lose even more weight.
  5. Depression and other Psychological issues. Such problems can disrupt normal eating habits.

weight-loss-3Several effects of unhealthy weight may be:

  • Slow growth and development
  • Fragile and weak bones
  • Immune system prone to sickness
  • Anemia
  • Issues on fertility
  • Hair loss

Gain it in a Healthy Way

  1. Determine your current calorie intake and level.
  2. Determine the calorie you need to consume. Use some tools or check with the internet options of calculating. Generally, you need to add 500 calories daily to your current calorie count to see a result.
  3. And if you are on an exercise routine, then you may need to add more calories to compensate for the one you burned and for the one you will add to your current calorie level.
  4. Change your diet plans. Your old diets may not be that calorie laden. Check with your nutritionist for the best advice. And plan out your diet well. But be sure that everything you are taking in is healthy.
  5.  Avoid unhealthy foods. They may just worsen your condition and may even result to much bigger problem such as heart complications and weak immune system.
  6. Lift weights. Lifting weights, as study shows, may help stimulate your appetite aside from the fact that it can let you convert your food into muscles and not fat.
  7. Include healthy snacks in between meals. Make sure that they are nutrients dense as well. In snack, include lots of protein.
  8. Take in recommended supplements. Bulk up with healthy supplements. Take omega-3 to keep you from heart problems, take Vit. C to fight off colds and flu, take in Vit. D, E and more.

Gaining weight can be a quest the same with losing one. And the underweights are also one of those who may be suffering from social stigma as well. But once you start to get over it, iron your will and your plan, you may be getting to you goal in no time.