The Aftermath of the Smoking Ban

898655_smokers_1England’s smoke free law came into force on 1st July 2007, and over 6 years later it seems that we have largely adjusted to this change. In the early days there were teething problems, people forgot there was a ban on and lit up regardless, but with the help of no smoking signs from companies like Cube Inc and a general attitude of acceptance, long gone are the days of nicotine filled pubs.

As smoking has become more and more inconvenient, many people decided to give up the habit; as standing outside in the cold was too much. Naturally giving up smoking is good for a person’s health, as smoking causes many diseases which are well publicised. In addition to minimising the risks of disease, giving up smoking causes better fertility, whiter teeth, younger looking skin and better breathing; so it is safe to say that the smoking has had a positive effect on England.

However, there are many who believe that this ban is not necessarily a good thing and is responsible for the death of the traditional English pub. According to an article in The Telegraph the reason that 26 pubs are closing a week is because people don’t bother to venture outside of their houses, as they would rather smoke indoors. Although the article has some merits, and it is understandable that people have put down the closure of pubs down to smoking ban, the fact that we have been in an economic crisis is surely more of a factor than smoking.

The smoking ban has brought with it some exciting new products; such as the E Cigarette. This is a battery powered device that simulates smoking and can be freely smoked in a public place. Although there is a debate on how healthy they are, it is obvious that smoking an E Cigarette is healthier than smoking a cigarette.

Overall the smoking ban has been a success, it has brought with it better health, interesting alternative products and has most likely saved a large amount of money for pub smokers who decided to give up. What’s not to like?