Women’s health & common conditions

Women’s health has become a popular issue in light of media campaigns for breast, cervical and ovarian cancer and the publication of figures that show that an increasing number of women are developing heart disease.

beauty (2)Common health conditions

Heart disease: heart disease is usually associated with men, but 1 in 7 women in the UNITED KINGDOM die from heart disease and rates of heart disease amongst women are on the rise. The threat of heart disease can be dramatically reduces by adopting a healthy lifestyle but if there is a history of heart disease in your family history then your risk will be higher than usual even if you have led a healthy lifestyle. It is recommended that you attend regular tests so that doctors can monitor your heart and treat any problems early.

Cancer: cancer is a very common condition, with thousands of new cases diagnosed each year in the UNITED KINGDOM. In recent years there have been high-profile media campaigns to raise awareness of female cancers, but many people are still unaware of the symptoms of cancer and consequently their condition may not be diagnosed until it reaches an advanced stage. Early detection and treatment can dramatically improve survival rates so it is essential that you see your doctor if you notice any of the following symptoms or feel that there is something not quite right:

  • abnormal lumps or swelling
  • changes in bowel habits
  • chronic cough
  • changes in the feel or appearance of moles
  • abnormal bleeding
  • persistent bloating (which is not associated with overeating)
  • abdominal pain

Any doctor advises patients to listen to their bodies, as sometimes obvious symptoms do not appear.

girl looking into her handHealthy living

Healthy living is important for good health and includes:

  • eating well: a good, balanced diet provides the body with all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs to function effectively
  • sleeping well: getting plenty of sleep is important for physiological and mental health
  • exercising: exercising has a range of health benefits, as well as being beneficial for emotional and societal wellbeing
  • having a happy social life
  • adopting good lifestyle habits such as cutting down on drinking and giving up smoking.

pregnencyWomen’s services

The NHS offers many services, which are aimed at women. Services are controlled by primary health trusts and are based on demand in the area. Examples of women services include:

  • cancer screening and care services
  • fertility services
  • pregnancy and maternity care
  • urology services
  • gynaecology services

These days getting medical services can be expensive; the cost of these services depends on the health condition of woman, so having a health insurance cover can protect them from the rising cost of medical services.

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