5 Simple Exercises to Strengthen your Ankles

exerciseIf you have experienced ankle pain or loss of mobility in your ankles, then you know how debilitating it can be. Depending on the severity of your problem you may need to seek out professional medical help. If your injury is minor, consider regularly performing the following five exercises to strengthen your ankles. When performed correctly, these moves can help restore some stability and mobility into damaged or weak ankles.

Range of Motion

To increase the range of motion in your ankles, sit down on a chair and cross one leg over another so that the ankle on one leg is resting atop the knee on the other leg. With your ankle that is in the air, begin to trace the letters of the alphabet. Use your biggest toe as a guide, and then repeat with your other ankle.

Toe Raises

To strengthen ankles and calf muscles, try a few toe raises each day. Stand straight up with your feet parallel, and then raise your ankles so that you are standing on your tippy toes with both feet. Hold this position for a second and then slowly lower your heels back to the floor. Continue repeating this exercise until you are too tired to do more.

Heel Drops

Doing heel drops is a great way to add strength and stability to your ankles. Find a phone book or another large book that you can stand on. Stand on the book with your toes near the center of the book and your heels hanging off the edge. They should be able to touch the ground at an inclined position. If they cannot do so, find a smaller book. Using your ankle strength, raise your heels so they are level with your toes and your foot forms a straight line. Hold this position for a few seconds and then slowly lower your heels to the floor again. Repeat as many times as you comfortably can.


Toe Taps

This is a great exercise to perform regularly and to try and increase the amount of time you can do it each time. Sit in a chair and keep your heels flat on the floor. Raise your toes and tap them on the ground several times. Try to continue tapping your toes on the ground for at least one continuous minute.

Ankle Rotation Turns

To increase the range of motion in your ankles consider performing ankle rotational turns. Sit on a chair and slide a band or rope underneath one foot. Holding the ends of the rope or band in your hands, pull left or right to twist your ankle in that direction. Repeat this exercise with the other foot.


For the best results with these ankle strengthening exercises they should be performed on a daily basis. If the pain or injury in your ankle is too severe to perform these simple motions, then you may need to consider additional medical treatment.