Five Tips on Getting Your Body Ready For Summer


Last year you vowed that you would get your body in shape in time for this year’s summer. So far you haven’t managed to do anything about it. Well, in case you didn’t notice, summer is approximately 3 weeks away. There’s no need for you to despair though, 3 weeks is still enough time for you to get something done. If you really want to look great in that bikini, then you will need to be very disciplined in order to reap any real results .

Five Tips On Getting Your Body Ready For Summer.

1. Ditch The Fast Food
Fast foods might be cheap but you will pay for it in the long run. Fast foods are high in salt, fat and sugar and rank very low on the scale of healthy eating. According to an article on the Reader’s Digest website, fast foods contain 1.5 more calories than a typical meal prepared at home.


2. Start Counting Calories.
An average female requires 2000 calories daily in order to maintain her weight. You can easily exceed that recommended intake if you don’t watch what you eat. An easy way to count your daily calorie intake is by downloading a Calorie Counting App on your smart phone. I recently downloaded a calorie counting App on my blackberry called Calorie Count Nutrition Search. The App is free and all you need to do is type in the name of the food you’re having and it tells you the number of calories that food contains. For example an apple has 116 calories.

3. Drink More Water

Drinking water helps you to lose weight according to the fitness experts on Water also helps maintain healthy bowel function and therefore prevents constipation. Water also hydrates your skin and improves the texture of your skin, hair and nails.


4. Climb The Stairs Instead of Using The Lift

Have you ever noticed how your heart rate increases when you climb a lot of stairs? The reason for this is because the heart and lungs are doing more work than normal to allow blood to flow to the arteries. You will burn twice as many calories as any other activity climbing stairs. it is also a great way of toning your glutes,calves and thighs.


5. Do Some Crunches
I really hope you weren’t planning on wearing that bikini to the beach with your tummy looking like that! Doing some crunches will help to tone your abdominal muscles and burn calories simultaneously. You can burn as much as 54 calories just by doing 10 minutes of crunches.
These tips are fairly easy to apply to your daily life. Stay disciplined and focused and you will look and feel better all summer long.