How to Become a Personal Trainer

back-painLately, you’ve been wondering on how to become a fitness trainer: it seems you’ve been working out since the first dumbbell was invented; you know that you’ve achieved a fitness level above the average human being; you’ve gained enough knowledge about becoming fit and on the fitness industry in general; most importantly, besides always giving out advice and assisting your gym buddies (whether they like it or not) during their workouts, you believe you can earn from your passion for fitness.

Act on that nagging feeling and fulfill your destiny. Here’s the road to becoming the personal fitness trainer of your dreams:

1. Get certified – Unless you hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education or Sports Science, it’s indispensable that you get at the very least certified as a fitness trainer by a respected institution (and even if you have these degrees, it is still better to become a certified fitness trainer). Presently, the following are among the most experienced and renowned certifying bodies in the fitness industry (not necessarily ordered as ranked): the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).

2. Work at a Club  – Catch the fish where they swim in schools. In other words, close on clients who train at clubs. Aside from being where prospective clients abound, working and learning among peers and with a complete array of fitness equipment at your disposal will definitely benefit your budding career in many ways. You can also ask the more experienced gym instructors for advice on becoming an effective personal trainer.

3. Market Yourself – Aside from club clients, increase your opportunities of earning and helping more people with their fitness needs by offering home service. Promote yourself and do some networking via business cards, flyers and online social media like Facebook and Twitter. Ask for referrals from your club clients, friends and other people.

Also you should know what traits you must possess to be a successful personal trainer. Some important traits are patience, charisma, knowledge, outgoing personality and enthusiasm. It is also important to be optimistic but realistic specially when setting goals for your clients. Be a good role model for having a healthy lifestyle such as consuming well balanced diet and performing proper workouts.

You must also have a strong passion for fitness and exercise and acquired teaching and listening skills. And before you can start training others, you must be certified first through professional organization which is accredited and nationally recognized. The accreditation will prove that you have been through some valid workshops or training courses. It may not be that easy to know all things how to become a personal trainer but it could be possible through proper training and dedication.

Through all these steps, make sure you maintain a respectable reputation by being an ethical, honest and true professional who sincerely helps clients in achieving their fitness goals. Improve yourself by taking additional fitness courses, like in specialized fields focusing on the fitness needs of the elderly, athletes and other sectors. You can also improve your social skills by enrolling in personality development courses. Soon, you’ll find fulfillment as a highly-recommended personal trainer who helps people and earns above average income at the same time. Achieve all these by following these steps and advices on how to become a personal trainer.


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