Just How Good Are Massage Plates For Your Fitness?

fitness-10 Body fitness procedures and machines like massage vibration plates are currently generating much more interest than they ever have. This is due to the fact that people are getting progressively more aware of the importance of staying fit. However, in spite of the enthusiasm that people have for fitness and ways to keep fit, very few have been able to effectively find a procedure that effectively suits them. A good fitness procedure should aid you to;

  • Slim down and rid your body of excess fat
  • Improve muscle tone and power
  • Support bone strength
  • Improve your moods

The massage vibration plates are currently the most touted massage equipment. This stems from their alleged ability to tone and define muscles in just less than a third of the workout time required. Are these plates as effective as everyone says they are?

What Are Massage Vibration Plates?

Massage vibration plates that work by producing strong vibrations all over the body to contract and relax the muscles. They increases G forces on the body and hence the effectiveness of any exercise done on them. If you would like to hire these massage plates you can go to www.uhireni.com/gym-equipment-belfast.

Benefits of Massage Vibration Plates

1. Improvement in Blood circulation

The fast contraction and relaxation of muscles as a result of the vibrations works as a pump for blood and lymph. This not only improves circulation but also helps cure people with lymphedema. It is also suggested that this vibration also facilitates vasodilation hence reducing resistance and also effectively in the general circulation of the body

2. Faster Healing

It has also been discovered that a boosted circulatory system also helps facilitates faster healing. This is because boosted circulation provides the tense damaged muscles with the nutrients and oxygen they need in order to heal and hence boost the speed of healing.


3. Increased Muscle Strength

Under the influence of fast vibration, more muscle units are activated than in normal situations. This ensures that any action undertaken by the muscle takes place with greater strength and power than in normal situations.

4. Increase in Bone Mineral Density

Vibrational plate massage also helps improve bone density. This is especially beneficial to the elderly and those who suffer from conditions like osteoporosis. This can be attributed to the fact that vibrations reduce bone resorption and hence have an overall effect on bone mineral density.

5. Strengthening of Joints and Relief of Pain.

Vibrations have been found to be very effective in boosting muscle strength. Muscles are the main movers and dynamic stabilizers of joints. Therefore an increase in muscle strength will most definitely help in restoration of bone stability. It has also been seen that vibrations also help boost the body’s general circulation; this therefore helps flush toxins from joints therefore reducing joint inflammation and pain.

6. Boosts Metabolism of Fats

Just like all other form of exercise, vibration plates cause a rise in the general metabolism of the body. Increased metabolism effectively increases the metabolism of fat and thus slowly eats into the fat depots in the body. This has the ultimate benefit of reducing the body’s stored fat and boosting muscle tone hence boosting the body’s shape.


7. Production of Helpful Hormones

There has been found to be a correlation between vibration plate training and release of growth hormones like Human Growth Hormone. This hormone is very useful in bone repair, remodeling, tissue repair and complete regeneration. Serotonin, the hormone that stimulates happiness and emotions of wellbeing, is also found to be in higher levels in people who perform vibration massage training.

Precautions for use of vibration machines

Though having been largely found to be effective in most people, vibrating massage plates should not be used without supervision. They are an important part of gym equipment whose significance cannot be underestimated.

They should also not be used by people who;

  • Have orthopedic injuries. People who have had recent bone and muscle injuries, sprains and tears are highly advised not to use this machine as the vibration may cause an aggravation of the injury.
  • People with advanced diabetes. People with advanced diabetes, particularly those with impeded blood flow to the feet are advised to seek the approval of their physicians before embarking on this exercise.
  • People with head injuries. Any people with trauma to the head are also advised to seek the approval of their doctors before indulging in vibration procedures as the vibration may induce a concussion.

People with diseases of the cardiovascular system are also advised not to get into whole body vibration as it may harm them. This is especially for those with clotting disorder and and those with pacemakers.