Make Heavy Lifting Safer And Easier

fitness-6Though we don’t like to admit it, we all have a finite amount of strength and can only lift a certain weight whatever that may be. Luckily when humans encounter a problem they tend to find a solution very quickly and there are several solutions if you have a lot to move and need it doing quickly. The traditional pallet-truck is a handy alternative to having to lug boxes from pallets and allows you to move many times your own lifting capacity in seconds using a hydraulic pump. Pallet trucks are brilliant solution and due to their low cost allows you to have a relatively cheap means of moving stock around quickly. While this solution is a very popular one in many workshops it is flummoxed by the fact that it can only lift the pallets a few inches and cannot for example stack them.

If you need a little more flexibility with storage and need to be able to stack your pallets of stock or perhaps have a warehouse with shelving higher than floor level then you will need the more flexible forklift truck. Developed in the 60’s the modern fork lift can lift several tons easily and condense hours of moving stock up stairs into minutes and lessen the physical stress on workers. There are many types of forklift truck available and they can be run on several types of fuel making them suitable for all environments. Whilst there are many benefits to having a forklift truck the main stumbling block stopping new businesses or smaller businesses getting a forklift truck is price. Due to the incredibly robust and powerful motors and materials that are needed forklift trucks are inevitably expensive.

There is a solution for those that need a forklift but do not have the funds available in order to simply buy one off the shelf. As with many things it is a good idea to look for a second hand forklift truck to make sure that you get what you need for less than you might think. If you spend a little time looking then it is possible to find a second hand forklift with low working hours for about half what you would have to spend on a new one. So if you need a solution to your warehouse storage problem then a forklift truck is not the ruinously expensive and unreliable option that it once was.