What about snoring?

sleep-2You may joke about it, but this is serious business.  The act of snoring is not funny, especially for those who do not sleep well at night or due to a lack of air. People who snore can constantly feel fatigued, as if they did not get enough sleep and they are accompanied by a full day feeling sleepy. Given that snoring can lead to serious disturbances in a heart beat, arrhythmia, elevated blood pressure and even heart failure and stroke, and psychiatric disturbances,  loss of concentration, behavioral disturbances, irritability, and serious problems in the relations between people and within the family, it mush not be brushed aside nor underestimated. Snoring is usually caused by vibration that occurs in the airflow through the relaxed, soft palate.  It is therefore necessary to reduce vibrations or remove them completely. With a full stomach, too much nicotine, and obesity are the most common causes of snoring, many people have problems with clogged sinuses, and their sleep posture while lying on your back or an bad sleep position may make this worse.

People who have problems with snoring often sleep in the wrong position which causes the closure of the airways that causes vibration of the soft palate, or snoring. A stop snoring pillow is designed to encourage the sleeper to turn his head in the optimum position that opens airways and allows better air flow thus reducing or eliminating snoring altogether. This pillow has a special, anatomically shaped cylinder that provides comfortable neck support and allows the correct position of the head during sleep, which improves blood circulation in the neck and reduces barriers to the flow of air (inhalation and exhalation), thus reducing or preventing snoring.


A Quick Rundown: Snoreless Pillow Review

The pillows are made from proven quality fabrics extremely gentle to the skin. Fine, smooth fibers ensure comfort during sleep. Anatomically designed so they provide comfortable support for the neck and head as well as a correct sleeping position that improves circulation and reduces pressure in the cervical spine, it ensures the achievement of quality and refreshing sleep. As to the anatomically shaped cushions, weight of the head and neck is effectively distributed and reduces pressure on the skin.  These pillows will satisfy all those who fail to find the right position for the head and neck in a classic shaped pillows. The filler consists of hollow, white, siliconized, spiral curling fibers.

These fibers can be formed into a fine, soft balls that provide a cushion of natural ventilation.  Because of such specifically shaped fillers ( balls ), snoreless pillows are particularly long lasting and resistant to wear because the filler is optimally allocated in the pillow and permanently retained, memorizing its shape which ensures comfort during sleep.  To further ensure the achievement of extremely high comfort and high quality of sleep, all pillows can have a zipper and funnel that allows the extraction of excess filler to adjust the thickness and hardness of the pillow to the individual needs of each user.  Pillows are also suitable for allergic and sensitive persons. Each pillow comes with an appropriate special cover which is also made from soft, high quality fabrics ensuring a comfortable and restful sleep.

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