4 Funny Myths about Wearing Braces

Pretty young girl wearing bracesThere are a number of issues which may hinder a person from receiving braces. They could be adults who don’t want the hassle, or feel that braces are too bulky and noticeable. For others, youngsters in particular, braces are a worry for a whole variety of other reasons.

You’d be surprised to know how many people across the world refuse to invest in braces because they think they’re more likely to be struck down by lightning or attacked by giant swarms of fish. This article will instantly quash those fears, don’t you worry! Also, if you fancy a little information regarding the types of treatments currently available then take a look at the braces website. As our lovely Douglas Adams reiterates -Don’t panic!  You won’t attract any attention wearing the braces presented within the site and there’s no chance of setting off those pesky airport metal detectors!

1.       Braces don’t attract schools of fish

This may seem like a really ridiculous issue but it has occurred to a small majority and here’s why! Fish are attracted to shiny, metal objects, with many fishermen using metal spinning devices to attract further attention.

bracesThe main reason for this is because many fish such as eels and barracudas like to eat other shiny, metallic-appearing fish. Many snorkelers have reported swarms of unfriendly fish attacking them when they’ve been wearing silver bracelets, toe rings or necklaces. This is due to the high levels of reflection both below and above the waters surface.

This is an extremely rare occurrence so please take note of this! And they only reason it has happened in the first place is because they believed the objects were a form of fishy food.

Luckily enough, wearing braces doesn’t mean that you’ll attract schools of unwanted attention. Thanks to the high levels of ceramic used in fixed braces for example, the actual amount of metal is limited. So don’t worry! You can still participate in diving and what’s more your braces won’t rust.

So, we just wanted to say – thanks for all of the fish!

2.       Braces don’t increase your chance of being struck by lightning

According to the National Geographic, a human’s chance of being struck by lightning is 1 in 700,000. So, although there is a chance, it is extremely small!

Braces do contain electrical conductors, being comprised of metal-alloy. However, the amount used is so small that it doesn’t make the braces turn into lightning poles! A person wearing braces also falls into the 1 in 700,000 chance of being struck by lightning.

Just don’t be an idiot and decide to climb a telephone pole when there’s a thunderstorm and you’ll be just grand!

3.       Braces don’t set off metal detectors at the airport

So, you’re about to jet off away and the only thing you can about is ‘oh my goodness, my braces are going to set off the airport metal detectors’.

There’s no chance of you being hurled to the ground by a security guard, don’t worry. Braces are comprised of very light materials, using a minimum amount of metal. In fact most braces use ceramic or plastic materials these days. However, the metal used in the braces is not magnetic and very lightweight, making braces completely undetectable to metal detectors.

If some wise guy tries to put a magnet close to your face then simply stand back and allow them to miserably fail.

iStock_000002214728XSmall4.       Braces won’t become entangled if you kiss someone else wearing them

A lot of popular comedic sketches like to display acne covered, brace-wearing teens trying out their first kiss. Alas, their braces become interlocked which turns the romantic moment into a giant, saliva filled mess!

Rest assured, kissing your partner will not result in you hurting their mouth and interlocking with another brace user is also impossible. The only way you’ll get your braces stuck is if you’re really trying, so beware of the bunny boilers!

Modern braces are comprised of small, compact ceramic braces, which mean problems like this simply can’t occur.

So! There you have it, 4 common myths, well and truly busted. I can’t guarantee that you won’t be hit by lightning or eaten by a shark though, so do me a favour and don’t be a hero. Now, go and enjoy kissing your loved one in the airport and rest assured that your braces will do you far more good than harm!