4 Worst Foods For People With Braces

When you get your braces strapped on (and for those of you who’ve never been there, it’s not enviable), your orthodontist will usually give you a list of things that you should and shouldn’t eat while you’re sporting your new teeth ornaments. Unfortunately though, these lists often don’t tell you why you shouldn’t eat these foods — instead, they just blindly name off some glorious foods, making your stomach rumble the whole time, and say “Yeah… you can’t eat this anymore either…”Well luckily, following are the four worst foods you can eat while wearing braces and why.

1. Gum

People often think they’re allowed to chew gum while wearing braces, but that it just has to be sugar free. As much as we’d like this to be true, it’s not the case. Although gum with added sugar is worse because the sugar can erode the brackets of your braces, sugar free gum also has its faults due to its sticky elasticity. In truth, gum of any kind can potentially pull off brackets, bend or pull out wires, or get stuck in your braces — none of which you want happening in your metal mouth! This having been said, it’s recommended that you stay away from all kinds of gum when you have braces.

2. Crunchy Foods

Crunchy and exceptionally hard foods can encompass everything from carrots and apples to things like peanut brittle. While all these foods are undoubtedly delicious, they’re not recommended because they can potentially separate and break the brackets off of your teeth. However, if you really want to eat apples or carrots, it’s probably all right. Just make sure to slice them up into smaller pieces to avoid problems!

health-food3. Sugary Foods

We’ve always been told that sugary foods are bad for our teeth, but when you’ve got braces, sugary foods can be even worse. Eating these foods regularly when you’ve got a brace face is a bad idea because this can potentially lead to heavy plaque buildup. This is because when you’ve got braces, the sugar and plaque can sneak into the small crevasses between your teeth, brackets and wires.

4. Sticky Foods

Sticky foods and candies like caramel or taffy are generally a bad idea when it comes to braces — they can stick to brackets and wires, pulling them off your teeth or bending them. And the result of this could be even worse, because it could result in the slowing down of the process of fixing your teeth.

It’s important to follow these guidelines when eating with braces if you want your experience to be a smooth and fast as possible. The  foods above have the potential not only to damage your teeth, but also damage your braces. Eating these foods can prolong your treatment time and diminish the whiteness of your teeth. So all in all, avoid these foods so that your new smile can be revealed as soon as possible and with the beauty that you deserve!