5 Easy Tips to Combat Your Food Cravings at Any Time

health-foodA feeling of craving, looking for a sweet item in kitchen, and now putting it in mouth – this is something that a strict diet follower will not do! For all weight loss aficionados, the biggest challenge is to deal with the cravings that tend to trigger at any time. Without them, dieting is certainly very easy. However, with them, dieting seems to be the most difficult task. Nevertheless, dieting can yet be easy with some truly easy tips to follow for beating the cravings.

Get Rid of Triggering Environments

Watching TV, going to theatre for a movie, spending time in a coffee shop, or a stressful work schedule are certain environments that can naturally trigger the cravings in you. As per research published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin journal, the environment is a robust trigger of cravings.

Therefore, for eradicating the risk of these habit-instilled cravings, it is better to stay away from the causal environments. Rather, considering being engaged into a hobby to overcome interest in TV shows or movie, walking or driving through another route or targeting garden for spending time other than in a coffee shop, and meditating with closed eyes for 10-15 minutes for releasing stress at work.

Consume What You Need to Avoid but Like, in Small Amounts

The scientific truth is that the more you ignore your cravings for a specific food, the worse they become. Several studies have observed that people crave for those items that they try to resist. Instead of completing quitting that item at once, having a little of it should help keep the craving as well as temptation in control. You can consider allowing yourself to have one sweet dish on every alternate day. However, do eat it during the day, not at night because of the decreased metabolism rate of the body after sunset.

Foods and Drinks

Eradicate the Deficiencies

At times, it may be so that your daily intense cravings for specific items may indicate a nutritional deficiency that your body is signaling. For example, such a craving for chocolate can indicate a magnesium deficiency, while zinc deficiency can also lead to an increased appetite. Therefore, as a first step to combat cravings, remove this deficiency by consuming a wide variety of nutritious items through the daily diet.

Sleep for At Least Seven Hours Daily

According to the University of Chicago, inadequate sleep has a deep impact on the hormones that control our appetite. This means that one is likely to feel hungrier after awakening the next day without having proper sleep. As a result, she or he is more likely to prefer high-carbohydrate or rich calorie foods. Further, inadequate sleep reduces the determination power to fight against cravings. Therefore, ensure that you sleep at least seven hours daily.

Get on to Acupressure

According to Behavior Change’s study of 2011, overweight adults who pat acupressure points on their body and face when a craving triggers or while thinking about it successfully suppresses the urge to eat. The method involved patting eight specific points regularly at least seven times with index and middle fingers while reciting a short positive phrase about the item you wish to crave less. After six months of the study, women easily observed a weight loss by 11 pounds.

The scientific comprehension in doing so is that patting particular points calms the amygdala, a brain part that helps trigger the cravings. These eight points include under eye, side eye, eyebrow, under nose, collarbone, just above chin, under arm, and atop head. Phrases to recite can be, “That sugar is so good” or “I love vanilla ice-cream.”